Attract, Engage & Develop the top talents in China & Asian markets

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Attract, Engage & Develop the top talents in China & Asian markets

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aTalent partners with global-minded enterprises to elevate people and transform their experience with work.

Award-winning HR solutions powered by A.I., Automation & Predictive Analytics.

Our Products, in short

Source & Nurture your Candidates using our Next-Gen CRM

Ever dreamt of a CRM that can engage & re-engage candidates automatically? Auto-match jobs with the highest ranked talents, and provide in-depth content performance insights?

Attract, Engage & Re-Engage Talents
Integrated ATS & Full Funnel tracking

Omnichannel Employee Experience Portal

From Onboarding till full employment passed probation, our solution covers the full employee experience.

Personalized & Branded Experience
Highly flexible & Customisable

WeChat-friendly Learning Platform

aTalent recognizes the power of social learning and developed the only talent solution with built-in collaborative capabilities.
Outstanding pre-loaded materials
Automated & Intelligent Engine

Performance Management tracking

aTalent’s agile performance management system empowers your employees and teams to create their own development experience.

Increase Productivity
Using genuine data & feedback

ISO 27001 certified, we get the significance of protecting and handling your data privacy

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