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aTalent Engage

Treat candidates like customers.

Ready to be proactive about engaging the best talent?

Relationships Not Resumes

Online you are not a candidate or a customer. You are both, and the candidate journey starts long before the application. Companies that make talent their competitive advantage know that they need to transform their talent acquisition function to be like customer acquisition, focusing on building relationships, not collecting resumes. aTalent Engage allows you to do all that within the powerful ecosystem of WeChat.

Basic Features

Broadcast Messaging

Message all followers or segment by geography, gender, or a custom group (employees, engineers, etc.)

Content Management

Upload image, audio, and video files, and create stunning newsletters.

Direct Messaging

Send text responses to individual follower messages.

Follower Management

View basic profile data, group followers, add aliases.

Auto Reply

Set a welcome message, replies to keywords, and a default reply to any other message.


Detailed reporting on followers, content engagement, message volume, and much more.

Custom Menu

Flexibility to create custom features and behaviors with menu.

QR-Code Generator

Create QR-codes for account follows.

Build Perfect Candidate Relationship Through WeChat
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Don't Take Our Word For It.

"It has been 6 years since we started working with aTalent. aTalent solutions have enabled us to uncover our employee’s potential and achieve strategic HR planning."
Zane Liu Senior Manager, Human Resource Information System, BMW
"aTalent's implementation was brilliant and their project management was exceptional — it really surpassed our speed and implementation expectations."
Gina Yue Head of Talent, Leadership Development and Learning, IHG
"We have had fantastic feedback from candidates. aTalent helped us to engage with candidates and really drive a positive experience."
Walter Chen Head of Strategic Staffing, Metlife
“aTalent helped up to build our corporate university online, maximized potential of more than 60,000 APP talents globally.”
Helen Wang Head of Learning,APP Global
“aTalent solutions provided us with visible and reliable talent data, helped us to realize talent decision driven by talent data.”
Kaine Williams Head of Culture & People,Woolworths Asia
“Hey, I’m E-von. I won Gold at the HR Excellent Awards 2019. But I can’t take credit for that. It’s the great human chemistry between Evonik, Maximum and aTalent that won it.”
E-von Personal Careers Assistant, Evonik