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The world of work has changed. In fact, a linear career ladder is no longer relevant.

According to industry reports, it is estimated that 85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not yet been put into the real working environment. With the continuous development of the traditional career path and the rapid revolution of technology, how can employees successfully cope with the changing working environment?

The answer is simple. High Career Agility.

What is Career Agility?

For individuals:

It means maintaining a high degree of career agility to ensure that personal career planning stays highly flexible and elastic, in order to align with the pace, needs, and changes of the modern business environment.

For enterprises:

It means cultivating your employees’ agile thinking when it comes to career planning. That way, employees are allowed to quickly and effectively adapt to changing business conditions, thereby giving them professional advantages and in the longer-term, bring unique competitive advantages to your business.

An agile career is a self-reflective, incremental career path, guided by response to change, evolving job roles, and designed to optimize creativity, growth, and happiness. 

Marti Konstant

With that said, how to effectively improve your career agility? And Is your career planning agile enough?

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