An exclusive HR gathering hosted by aTalent缩略图

Last week, aTalent organized an exclusive small gathering of top HR executives from Shanghai based, large and medium size enterprises at Sinan Mansions (思南公馆).

As always, aTalent set the highest standards of catering and environment in order to orchestrate a perfect Friday afternoon for our HR guests.

Our guest speakers from Direct HR Group and aTalent helped to explore the latest thinking and performance management strategies that drive innovation and organizational success.

Our HR guests enjoyed the opportunity to engage in a thought-provoking discussion about performance management, knowledge sharing with thought leaders and expanding their professional network.

In the open discussion, quit a few HR executives warmly discussed and shared visions for improving employee performance in their respective industries.

Interested in the performance topics that HR executives put forward at the event? Please pay close attention to aTalent blog update.