Our success and momentum on successful and meaningful partnerships.

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We increase Employee Engagement, Conversion & Retention rates

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While simplifying your work, and improving productivity & R.O.I.

Easy Setup

Get started in no-time

Our team of consultants will provide the assistance you need. Before, during and after the implementation.

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Audit & Architectural discussions

We will meet and discuss all the possible ways to make this partnership a success. We start with understanding your outcomes, processes, roadmap and needs.

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Agile Management & Feedback in Real-time

You are at the core of our solution implementation. Together, we ensure that the delivery matches your business goals and get ready to attract, engage, develop the best talents out there.

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Phased Launch & Complete data tracking

We plan for the smoothest launch possible. We take care of things so you can focus on what matters.

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Give your clients the edge by using outstanding technologies powered by Automation, A.I. & Predictive Analytics

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Explore user behaviour on an individual level of detail

Our series of product allow clients and agencies to source, group, segment and identify the most engaged users.

  • Flexible, fast reporting: Log-in on our platform or automate every little tasks as well as the data reporting. Your decision.
  • Access our data anywhere: Access our product on your favorite device & location.
  • Invite your entire team: Invite your team members to collaborate and get involved in any way you would want to, with a series of roles and access to be predefined together.
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Spend less time doing more. Use our automated features & pre-loaded templates.

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Measure content effectiveness and its impact on engagement and conversions

Our products give you access to the full funnel conversion analytics, so you can clearly identify what works, what doesn't and what needs to be optimised.

  • Activity vs Engagement: Identify clear R.O.I for your attraction and acquisition and development strategies.
  • Access to Insights: Our products include tips on how to increase your conversions & generate engagement from candidates and employees.
  • Competition Benchmark: Our products track what the direct competition and industry leaders are doing.
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Ready to Elevate your clients' Brand, Talents & Results?

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