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Company Introduction

aTalent puts talent experience at the center of our solutions. Our integrated talent management technology helps global-minded enterprises to attract, engage, develop & elevate their top talents in China & Asia markets.

aTalent has been rapidly increasing the market shares while keeping the customer satisfaction among the highest in the industry. We have been working with prestigious multinational and local enterprises including BMW, InterContinental Hotels Group, APP, MetLife, Swire Coca-Cola and Hikvison.

Our products cover the full talent management suite, including Candidate Relationship Management, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding Platform, Learning & Development, Performance
Management, Talent Review, Career Planning & Succession and Employee Experience Portal.

Full Talent Management Suite

aTalent is geared towards enterprise-level customers, developing and implementing industry-leading integrated talent management solutions, as well as related WeChat/mobile/artificial intelligence/integrated solutions. ​We are committed to improving user experience, emphasizing the integration of globalization and localization.

aTalent partners with global-minded enterprises to elevate people and transform their experience with work. Our world-class technologies and integrated solutions achieve great results in attracting, understanding, engaging & developing talents, Continuously.

Candidate Relationship Management

Increase Candidate Engagement, Conversion & Retention rates, while simplifying your work, and improving your productivity & R.O.I, by Automation, A.I. & Predictive Analytics.

Talent Acquisition

Improve recruiting efficiency by triggering superior candidate experience, providing flexible and extendable platform.

Onboarding Platform

Automate the onboarding process to improve new hire engagement and reduce the administrative burden.

Learning and Development

Comprehensive learning management platform, integrating Informal Learning, Social Learning and Video leaning, to develop and engage your people.

Performance Management

Inspire ongoing productivity and performance excellence that creates value for your people and your business.

Talent Review

An omni-bearing talent review solution, powered by building talent inventory, drawing talent map, identifying talent asset and recognizing talent gap. Identify and retain your next class of leaders and innovators, to improve enterprise competitiveness.

Career Plan & Succession

Strengthen the talent supply chain, while reducing turn over rate and improve employee engagement, in order to create a flexible and sustainable business.

Employee Experience Portal

Enhance company core competition by engaging and elevating employees through a collaborative, insight-driven, and user-centric platform.

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