How top fintech companies are building an external learning ecosystem to win in Southeast Asia


Industry: Financial high-tech industry
Region: Overseas markets mainly in Southeast Asia
Keywords: External Learning Ecosystem|Empowering Business Growth|China Enterprise Abroad

About Project

eBaoTech is a financial technology company providing technology solutions for the global insurance industry, with operations in more than 30 countries and regions around the world, and technology enabling and providing technology solutions for more than 300 insurance companies and many insurance agents, brokers and other eco-partners.

Based on the business-level market expansion plans in Africa, America and Southeast Asia, eBaoTech’s senior management team sought a learning management platform that was local to China and international enough to provide training and management courses for the company’s internal and external distributors in multiple countries and regions around the world.

eBaoTech wanted a new learning management platform to help its external distributors understand their business and products more quickly and accurately, and provide high-quality, standardized service and support to their customers. Through a globally integrated management platform, eBaoTech can better empower its paid e-learning business and enable external partners to have a better learning experience. At the business level, the learning management system serves as a paid content support platform, effectively improving the retention rate of the original platform users while attracting more external colleges to register and use it, so as to better enhance the company’s overseas revenue.


Why choose aTalent?

In recent years, Chinese companies have become increasingly globalized, and the increasing saturation of the domestic market has led to a greater tendency for Chinese companies to develop overseas business, export domestic technology and products, and meet local market demand. Chinese companies are increasingly aware of the need for a global management platform to better develop their global business.

Based on aTalent TM ® talent management platform, combined with the best overseas management practices learned from years of project experience, aTalent helps Chinese companies start from the smallest details, fully empowering customers with different management scenarios at home and abroad, accelerating their global business expansion and international high quality talent management capabilities. Start from China, win overseas.

The degree of localization of overseas talent management for Chinese companies often determines the success of overseas management. aTalent provides a learning management platform that enables companies to improve both at the management and business levels. External paid users can share learning resources through highly free interaction and social channels, and use fragmented time to learn efficiently. At the same time, the system supports an expert (mentor) mechanism to effectively utilize the internal talent pool of the company and establish a mutual learning mechanism to improve the quality of learning. For administrators, customizable roles are available, with flexible management scope settings. For students, the system supports multiple languages such as English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, which fully empowers enterprises to build an international learning ecosystem. At the same time, the system has personalized functions such as AI automatic course recommendation and automatic data report generation.

Since the launch of the system, it has attracted external users from the Americas, Africa and Southeast Asia to join the new learning management platform. At the level of eBaoTech’s overseas business, the system provided by aTalent provides customers with a high degree of convenience in E-commerce. For paid courses, the system supports automatic conversion of exchange rates between different currencies and quick payment. We put every user in front of the screen in the first place in the smallest details such as recommended course content, notification push, time zone and currency, and strive to create the best external user experience for eBaoTech and enhance the learning journey in all aspects. While effectively improving the retention rate of existing users on the platform, we can also attract more external related users to pay and use the platform, effectively empowering eBaoTech to grow its overseas business.


About eBaoTech

eBaoTech’s mission is to “make insurance easy” by providing digital solutions for the global insurance industry. As one of the few Chinese software companies with world-class insurance systems, eBaoTech is a leader in insurance technology with operations in more than 30 countries, serving more than 300 insurance companies, agents, brokers and other eco-partners.

eBaoTech is trusted and recognized by multinational insurance giants and leading local insurers for its ability to innovate and connect the insurance industry, meeting the diverse needs of insurers for massive volumes of business, high frequency changes and personalized products in the digital wave.

In this regard, eBaoTech has been recognized by the national and Shanghai governments and other authorities as a “National Key Software Enterprise”, “China’s Top 10 Independent Innovation List”, “Shanghai Key Enterprise for Software and Information Technology Service Export”, “China Outstanding Employer”, and has been awarded the “Certificate of Key Software Enterprise within the National Planning Layout”. It has also been awarded many awards such as “National Key Software Enterprise Certificate”.

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