Discover why we should start to work together for a greater tomorrow.

The genius in you stimulates the genius in me

aTalent outscores and outpaces most of our competitors in the region.
We create better products and safer platforms. 
We move fast, using agile methods to measure and decipher what tomorrow is made of.

As a result, we implement better human-machine solutions that accelerate productivity and help serve our customers and their talents.

What defines us

as partners & colleagues

We are defining ourselves in 6 pillars. At aTalent we are:


We work in a lightweight, highly responsive way so that we deliver products in the way the customers want and at the time the customers need them.


We are persistent and strive for success, attainment, awards and accomplishment. Happy customers makes us happy, and successful.


Citizens of the world, we have a strong willingness to listen, create and experiment locally and globally. We carry projects from point A to Z, and beyond.


Multicultural fluency is being able to communicate with individuals with a different cultural background than oneself. We are open minded and embrace diversity.


We focus on the results that matter. Engagement, Conversions, Applications, R.O.I. We understand how a business works and what truly proves success.


We develop award-winning solutions for the markets of today and tomorrow. We constantly strive for innovation, for the decisive idea, for the ideal solution.


What do we do

at aTalent?

aTalent partners with global-minded enterprises to elevate people and transform their experience with work. Our world-class technologies and integrated solutions achieve great results in attracting, understanding, engaging & developing talents, continuously.

In that aspect, we are always looking at hiring people that share our vision, values and deontology. 

Teams at aTalent are spread across 4 areas:

  • Engineers & Developers
  • Product
  • Customer Success
  • Sales & Marketing
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