Encourage self-driven career plan and ensure the organization’s talent supply


Encourage self-driven career plan and ensure the organization’s talent supply

Job hierarchy management

The job hierarch provides the foundation for a career path and succession management.

aTalent offers you great succession planning which can be performed with a strong focus on key positions and those employees that are critical for the companies’ success. Having both, key post and key employee information in one place along with other important talent management provides organizations with the broader picture.


Succession management

Auto matching and recommend proper successor candidates.

Identify successors (internal & external), evaluate readiness, compare/ranking successors, and design a personalized development plan for successors.

Manage talent pool for key positions and provide a talent house for identifying successors.

Link employee’s career preferences with key positions and manage their profiles as a complementary talent house for identifying talent pool members or successors.

The Domino List makes it very easy to identify any succession gaps down the succession chain to ensure its subsequence.

View your successors’ bench strength in the organization chart view with a holistic overview of the potential successors and their details for a position to be able to get a picture of the current status.


Self-driven career plan

Allowing employees to explore different career path at any time. They can view the job fit / gap analysis for each possible role along the career path and chosen their preferred path accordingly.

Set short-term, mid-term and long-term career goals, identify development areas and focus.

Design a development plan based on the career goals and tracking progress.



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