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Winning Customers With Outstanding Results

aTalent puts customers at the center of our products, leading to an NPS score of 65+.
aTalent serves clients with operations in 30 different countries and more than 1,000,000 employees.
We have worked with prestigious multinational and local enterprises, including DHL, TDK, Swire Coca-Cola, smart Automobile, Pan-Pacific, IHG, BMW, Shangri-la, Lane Crawford, HD Hyundai, Jabil, TK Elevator.

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Ready to Experience a Game-Changing Talent Management Solution?


Top-Notch Professional

aTalent showcased top-notch professional expertise in the HD Hyundai Infracore Extended Enterprise Learning Platform Renewal project, leaving us with a profound impression.

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Senior Manager

HD Hyundai XiteSolution

Very Efficient

Deli’s digital transformation aligns with the group’s strategic goals. The effective use of aTalent OKR has helped the group’s leadership transition OKR from theoretical and conceptual levels to practical implementation that is visible, manageable, and controllable.

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Xu Bin

Vice President of Deli Group

Excellent Service

aTalent provided a SaaS solution for our expert training, enabling the service to go live without much additional development, empowering trainees to complete courses through mobile phones.

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Bob Shen

Digital Platform & Data Manager of Tourism Australia

Exceeded expectations

aTalent has done an outstanding job with talent management solutions, completely surpassing our expectations in terms of efficiency and quality. They have assisted us in accelerating the digital transformation of talent management.

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Chief Director of Talent and Leadership Development and Training

IHG Greater China

Maximizing Development

aTalent has helped us establish online operations for our corporate university, maximizing the potential development of over sixty thousand talents worldwide.

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Head of Learning


Optimal Solution

aTalent’s solution has greatly improved our recruitment outcomes, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency. Their innovative approach and commitment to excellence make them a valuable partner in our talent acquisition efforts.

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Strategic Recruitment Director


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