Jabil Inc.

How the top electronics manufacturing company achieves global collaborative talent management

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Industry: Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
Users: 120,000+

Region: Greater China (Mainland and Taiwan)
Project Timeline: 2022.03 – Present 
Keywords: Global collaboration | “3 High” platform | Southeast Asia market

Project Challenges

Jabil Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Jabil) is a labor-intensive enterprise with operations in more than 100 regions in 30 countries around the world. It has a super-large matrix management structure, and each of its sub-factories has different business and management processes. With an increasing number of employees, increasingly sophisticated industry standards, and diverse forms of assessment, Jabil urgently needs a unified and integrated digital management platform to support it in managing its extremely high number of concurrent users. At the same time, the platform also needs to be able to set special permissions for high-secret data within the group. 

abil is a company that attaches great importance to employee experience. It has developed an employee ecosystem based on its internal private cloud and customized the mobile terminal management APP for the localization of mainland China, with about 8 internal and external interfaces, which brings great challenges for unifying the interface integration logic and user authentication mode of the digital management platform. 

During the supplier selection process, Jabil adopted a global multi-team collaborative trial model, including many key personnel of the project like HRM, IT, SMESubject Matter Expert)from mainland China and Taiwan, and PMOProject Management Officer)from Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian regions. Jabil hopes to extend the project to Southeast Asian markets including Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam through the China project. Therefore, the vendor must not only understand the localization business in China, but also need to have a high level of international delivery experience and capabilities.  

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Why choose aTalent?

With the expansion of business layout in China and Southeast Asia and the complex changes in organizational structure, Jabil needs a “3 high” talent management platform with high concurrency, high performance, and high availability.  

aTalent is committed to the fields of “Performance Management” and “Talent Development”, with clients all over the world. We are well-known overseas and have a leading reputation in the industry. We have rich experience in overseas service, and the consultant team can communicate in both Chinese and English (80% of the consultants have overseas work or study background). In particular, Jabil discovered and got familiar with aTalent through Google. 

The HR SaaS platform provided by aTalent is extremely flexible. We provide multiple interface options, support multiple user authentication methods at the same time, and have extensive experience in handling complex interface logic issues, which fully support the complex talent management logic of Jabil’s ultra-large manufacturing industry and meet its global compliance requirements. 

The whole line of aTalent products, from language, time zone, currency to digital usage habits, full name format and so on, are designed according to the standards of global products for the underlying architecture, so as to fully meet the needs of multiple users in different regions of the world.  

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Project Achievements

The aTalent project team held several meetings with Jabil SME in Greater China (Mainland and Taiwan). On the basis of ensuring full coverage of the project requirements in China, we also communicated with relevant leaders in Asia Pacific headquarters (Malaysia and Singapore) to provide support and help to Jabil China from multiple dimensions, ensuring that our product meets the global unified management standards, so as to accelerate the decision-making and effective promotion of the project.  

On April 20 this year, Jabil’s Kick-off Meeting was held online. The conference was attended by more than 80 key participants, including PMO, HR, IT, etc. of Jabil Asia Pacific region. 

1. Business Level

With the help of the aTalent, Jabil completed the construction and launch of the complex digital management platform in a very short time. The platform can provide Jabil employees with a standard learning and development system. It can provide “on-the-job training” and “daily training” through online (mobile APP, online class, live broadcast, etc.) and offline lectures. 

Based on the functional requirements of different businesses of Jabil sub-factories and the constantly updated technical standards of the manufacturing industry, aTalent provides adaptive assessment rules and flexible and diverse assessment methods. At the same time, gamified interaction such as AI technology, tutor rating, social media sharing and e-certificate are added, which effectively improves the training efficiency and learning experience of Jabil employees. While increasing internal employee retention, Jabil’s external customer satisfaction has been enhanced, enabling their business growth.  

2. Management Level

With the help of aTalent, Jabil management team can effectively track and manage the learning process of employees through digital platform, without manually arranging and notifying employees about their certification and expiration status. Through the digital platform, Jabil management team can store all previous training records in a unified system, making it safer and easier to store and search the data. 

With the help of the digital platform, the daily basic operations are more agile and efficient, which greatly saves the operation and maintenance time of the Jabil management team, allowing them to focus more on the development of the core talent management, and thus better enable the development of Jabil business.  

However, the changes are far more than that. In the post-pandemic and digital-first era, Jabil has accelerated its comprehensive digital transformation plan by adopting a digital talent management platform to intellectualize more business and talent management processes and keeping up with the development of the industry 4.0 era.  

Jabil adheres to autonomy, control, safety and efficiency, and promotes the upgrading of industrial base and the modernization of industrial chain. Jabil is committed to creating a smarter, more flexible and more efficient “factory of the future”.  

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Gazing into Futurity

On October 5, 2022, Renee Liu, Jabil’s Director of Operations and Development, was invited to attend aTalent’s private salon on “Leveling up workforce skills across your learning ecosystem” in Singapore. During the meeting, she had an in-depth discussion with aTalent about talent development and management in the Southeast Asia market. 

With the help of aTalent’s global delivery ability, the project is expected to extend to Southeast Asian markets including Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.  

About Jabil

Jabil is an electronics company headquartered in Florida, USA, and is currently the third largest electronic manufacturing services company in the world, ranking 119th on the 2022 Fortune 500 list. 

Adhering to the brand philosophy of “make ANYTHING POSSIBLE and EVERYTHING BETTER“, Jabil gathers the strength of more than 260,000 employees in more than 100 regions in 30 countries around the world, and creates value in many fields including medical care, packaging, aerospace, automotive, electronic communication, transportation, industrial and other fields. 

With strong technical advantages, innovative professional attitude and perfect service spirit, Jabil has been in the leading position in the international market, with more than 45 highly automated production bases in America, Asia (including more than 20 provinces in mainland China) and Europe, as well as strong financial and technical strength. 

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