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How top manufacturing companies revitalise the fine-tuned management of 1000+ employees in China

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Industry: Machinery Manufacturing
Users: 1000+

Region: China
Project Timeline: 2022.04 – Present
Keywords: “Smart” Talent Pool|Talent Review Dashboard|IDP

Project Challenges

Since TKE entered China market in 1995, with the continuous growth of business and production capacity, TKE now has 3 manufacturing bases located in China with over 10,000 employees. Every year, TKE needs to carry out talent review and development plans for more than 1,000 key employees at different levels.  

TKE China adopts a combination of self-developed and external plugins for its HR digital management platform. In terms of talent management model, TKE China uses matrix architecture to adopt the flexibly managed for their highconcurrent employees, but this also leads to the appearance of data redundancy in the process of talent review and succession planning. 

To better match its actual business process and needs, TKE China needs to set up methods such as mandatory and optional evaluation in the talent review. Conducting talent evaluation based on facts from each unique talent portrait, and then realize the key talent review and succession planning at the higher level. 

In addition, TKE China hopes to track internal talent mobility such as the Employee Personal Development Plan (IDP) based on big data to create a dynamic, flexible, and two-way effort talent pool, to better align individual employees with the overall performance objectives of the organization and enable business development. 

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Why choose aTalent?

China as the largest elevator market in the world, TKE China adopted the multi-team collaborative trial mode in the selection process, and the key personnel of the project including HRCOE in East China and HRSSC in South China. After comparing 7 well-known domestic and international HR SaaS vendors, TKE decided to choose aTalent as its partner for this key talent development project. 

aTalent takes top international standards in product design logic and architecture system. At the same time, aTalent is master in understanding domestic localization business needs and implementing services close to Chinese customers. Compared with a well-known HR SaaS vendor in China, which only limits the digital talent management platform to the carrier of evaluation and training services, aTalent TM ® talent management platform can better meet the needs of multi-level, multi-format, and multi-number of complex talent review needs of medium and large enterprises. aTalent can implement the capability models of leading consulting firms based on different methodologies and modeling, to flexibly configure different talent review modes. 

TKE China has diversified internal staff structure (foreign employees account for about 10%), which requires vendors to have sufficient knowledge of local business processes, as well as the ability and experience of management consulting and international connection. 

Project Achievements

Through a powerful plug-and-play data interface, aTalent quickly pulls data from various platforms to realize flexible configuration of talent review.  

aTalent sets special authority according to the specific needs of management, business layer and HR in turn, and supports more than a thousand key users of TKE China headquarters and subsidiaries through functions like data report dashboard and conducts talent review and development optimization at different levels.  

It is worth mentioning that during the project, the talent review mode of TKE China has undergone significant adjustment and change under the promotion of the global headquarters. With the excellent underlying data architecture, aTalent can still flexibly connect with its updated talent review mode and help TKE China to smoothly transition to the new talent review system and seamlessly connect the new round of talent review business. aTalent makes fact-based talent review and succession planning truly sustainable. 

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About TKE

TKE is one of the world’s leading elevator companies, listed in the Fortune Global 500, with more than 50,000 employees and customers in more than 100 countries. TKE has been in China since 1995. With the rapid growth of its business and production capacity, TKE has about 10,000 employees and 3 manufacturing bases in China now. The company’s products include elevators, escalators, automatic pedestrian walkways and customized service solutions for various products.  

Relying on a powerful network of branches, offices, highly skilled local chemical plants, and global technical service centers, TKE provides new elevator installation, renovation, and maintenance services for all product lines. TKE’s goal is to become a customer-oriented elevator and escalator solutions provider. Anytime, everywhere. 

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