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Industry: Tourism
Users:  10,000+ in China, 30,000+ worldwide
Region: Global
Project Timeline: Go live in March 2022
Key Words: :Solution Localized | Delivery Globalized|The Perfect Solution for User Experience and Global Compliance

Solution Components: LXP

Client Profile

Tourism Australia is the tourism promotion arm of the Australian Federal Government. It markets and promotes Australia as the best business and leisure destination in its home country and in key countries and regions around the world. 

Tourism Australia organizes offline events, combined with online presentations, to train in-house staff of travel agents around the world to enhance their understanding of Australia’s unique culture and people, in order to attract more people to visit Australia. 
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Project Challenges

Tourism Australia has a global presence with tourism advertising and PR campaigns in China and key countries and regions. In order to ensure a uniform standard of learning and development management across the globe, Tourism Australia uses a global learning system, testing and assessment standards, management structure, and content platform in China.

The project’s primary challenge was to achieve flexible and high-speed access to and use of foreign servers while complying with laws and regulations in mainland China such as network security laws, personal information protection laws, and cross-territory data transmission rules.

At the same time, in order to be close to the usage habits of the participants in mainland China, Tourism Australia hopes to realize the seamless connection between WeChat public website and WeChat mini-program on the basis of convenient learning on the mobile terminal, so as to create an exclusive solution applicable to mainland China.

Why choose aTalent

With China as its most important market, Tourism Australia hopes to create a comprehensive learning program suitable for the Chinese region within the framework of global management, in order to help localize publicity and promotion, and realize a personalized learning journey that meets the characteristics of Chinese learners.

Local solutions based on China

Based in China, aTalent Talent Management Platform understands local management thinking better and has a deep understanding of cybersecurity laws and regulations in mainland China. At the same time, it is more familiar with Chinese localization business processes to create a better user experience. It is a unique localization solution that can fully realize both technology and experience leap.

Extensive multinational project experience
The international project implementation team has a good understanding of the complex business requirements of medium to large and mega multinational companies with multiple regions and business formats. They are also able to provide local insight and make recommendations for optimization into the aTalent talent management platform.
With a global perspective and the ability to deploy and rapidly implement locally, Tourism Australia chose to partner with aTalent after a thorough review.

aTalent's exclusive solutions

The aTalent project implementation team communicated with Tourism Australia’s training and technical departments, Tourism Australia China, and third-party overseas learning management platforms more than 20 times to realize the global workshop. By separating students’ personal information from their learning information, aTalent was able to meet the contradictory restrictions between the legal regulations on the outflow of personal information and the domestic and international servers.

aTalent adds smart keywords to its WeChat public number to make the learning entrance prompt more convenient and eye-catching. We support both WeChat public number and applet as learning portals.
At the management level, as Tourism Australia’s own learning management platform can only detect the learning progress of its external students on the web, it cannot keep the learning information on cell phones. aTalent’s project implementation team created a mobile data analysis platform for them and merged it with their global data analysis system so that administrators can efficiently track the learning progress and data of global and Chinese students on the web and cell phones on one platform. This allows administrators to efficiently track the learning progress and data of global and Chinese students on both web and mobile phones from one platform, enhancing both the learning and management experience.
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What are the

results & benefits

By March 2022 the project went live and as of now:

  • Learner course completion rate is growing geometrically 
    Travel agency trainees spread across 100+ cities in China 
  • 9000+ trainees have successfully passed the assessment and received the exclusive ATS certification 
  • More Chinese travelers are learning more about Australia’s beautiful scenery and customs 
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“aTalent provided a SaaS solution for our expert training, enabling the service to go live without much additional development, empowering trainees to complete courses through mobile phones.“

Bob Shen,,
Digital Platform & Data Manager ,
Tourism Australia 

Visual Cheatsheet

After the program went live, the completion rate of students' courses has increased extremely fast


Number of travel agency trainees across cities


The number of trainees who pass the examination to obtain the exclusive certification of ATS

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