Learning & Development

A complete learning management platform to develop and engage your people.

Learning & Development

A complete learning management platform to develop and engage your people.

Mobile-friendly learning experience

The platform is fully responsive, allowing the users to access their learning experience on desktop, mobile or via their favorite social app.

Users can simply log in with WeChat.

aTalent LXP automatically grabs the user’s WeChat information, name, and profile picture. The WeChat pairing allows access to notifications and reminders features, building up a fully integrated learning experience platform .

aTalent LXP recommends tailored content for employees based on their profile, behavior, and employer’s requirements.

aTalent LXP is powered by A.I technology and predictive analytics.

Not all learning happens inside a classroom or through consuming content. People learn by asking and answering questions, sharing experiences, and referencing resources as they need them. Every time you search the web for an answer or ask a colleague a question, you’re engaging in collaborative or social learning.

aTalent recognizes the power of social learning and developed a talent solution with built-in collaborative capabilities, enabling your people to harness the expertise of your internal subject matter experts.

You can also enrich your existing formal learning with these features by enabling your learners to have discussions and ask questions about the learning that they are taking in the moment.

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Structured classes & courses catalog

Search, filters and sorting options are placed in one screen. Using the comprehensive WeChat UX, aTalent LXP organizes tabs where the local audience is expecting to find them.

Lessons are organized in such a way that users will see mandatory, overdue and unfinished lessons first.

Progress, fun, and completion are at the core of the user experience.

People don’t limit their learning to their learning management system. In today’s world of modern learning, people are learning in more ways and places than they ever have before. They naturally supplement formal education, training, and on the job training with web-based content that’s meaningful and relevant to them – like blogs, articles, videos, webinars, and more…

With aTalent, your employees can discover informal learning resources found on the web, add it to their learning plan, and collaborate and share it with the rest of the organization. All informal and formal learning is kept in one place, so you can track and analyze the effectiveness of all the learning that is happening across your organization.

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A Gamified journey that develops new learning habits

Timely updating key progress data, informing users on their records, journey and best achievements.

Future proof tab that displays a deeper dive into learning habits. Time of the day, time on the platform, average succession rate, and occasionally, tips on how to get better, faster.

Great companies start with great talent and great talent starts with great learning. Today’s employees have high expectations for their organization’s learning management and development programs. In fact, only 22 percent of employees say their organizations are very effective in providing easy access to learning and development resources. Companies have to do better if they want to engage and empower their workforce.

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User-centric interactive learning experience

Sharing your latest achievements is simple, fast and easy, thanks to the full integration with WeChat’s API.

We transformed the classic newsfeed into an activity stream, where users can track the progress of their peers and the colleagues they follow. 

Comparing performances is made easier, with timely competition and challenges for a sweeter and gamified learning experience.

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