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2020 HRSSC Onboarding Platform Best Practice Award

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Industry: Technology 
Employees: 8,000
Region: Southeast Asia
Project timeline: 2019 – Now

On August 5th, 2020, Grab won the prestigious 2020 HRSSC Onboarding Platform Best Practice Award.
Grab is Southeast Asia’s leading everyday everything app that provides transportation, logistics and financial services to millions of users across the region. They have approximately 8,000 employees with a presence in over 500 cities and towns across Southeast Asia.
The vision of Grab’s onboarding team is to have a gold star global onboarding program that strengthens a new Grabber’s alignment with their culture and mission, improves individual performance and boosts employee engagement and retention.

What were the


Grab’s previous onboarding experience for new hires was very administrative and transactional, lacking managerial collaboration and guidance on social networking connections. There was no coherent strategy after the first month, hence a void from the second to sixth month of joining, resulting in a higher turnover rate.


  • Lack of managerial collaboration and guidance
  • Lack of coherent strategy after the first month
  • High turnover rate
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About the

Award-winning Project

To be more engaged with the employees during the onboarding process and reduce the turnover rate, Grab’s project team designed a brand-new onboarding program with guiding principles that are personalised, localised, fun and integrated. With the project building around the entire employee lifecycle, Grab successfully won the 2020 Corporate University Best Practice Award on August 5th, 2020.

The brand-new onboarding program is a full-year new hire onboarding roadmap that includes 5 stages:
  • Pre-Hire: Grab Pre-start Engagement
    Grab engaged a new platform as a notification tool to send automatic messages to new Grabbers, their line managers and colleagues throughout their journey. These messages are sent out from the moment they sign their offer letter, engaging them digitally even before stepping foot in Grab.
  • Day 1 to Day 3: 3 Days Onboarding
    • a half-day program for administrative set-up and learning our vision, mission and principles
    • a two-day program for hands-on GrabCar and GrabFood delivery experiences
  • Day 30: Grab Giveback
    The goal of the program is to get our new grabbers to serve their internal and external communities, which ties with Grab’s mission of driving communities. It also aims to help new Grabbers build interpersonal networks and acculturation.
  • Day 90: Grab Connections
    Social events that help new grabbers to forge old and new connections, such as Fresh Grabber Social, a happy hour session in their third month that reunites them with their batchmates.
  • Annual: Grab Reboarding
    A monthly one-day event for the celebration of Gabbers’ work anniversary (regardless of years).
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The program saw a great success that many of Grabbers have commented that it is the best onboarding they have experienced in their entire career. It has been implemented in 9 other countries and onboarding a total of 900 grabbers regionally, scoring an average of 4.7/5 for satisfaction rating.

Grab also launched Back2School program and other onboarding products for managers, executives and acqui-hires to continuously improve employee engagement, resulting in key success factors for winning the 2020 HRSSC Onboarding Platform Best Practice Award.

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About the


The 2020 Talent Management Best Practice Awards Ceremony was held at the Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai, which aims at promoting the development and transformation of talent management. The ceremony was hosted by representatives from aTalent, Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, HRFlag, and emLyon Business School. 

The 2020 HRSSC Onboarding Platform Best Practice Award recognizes the outstanding performance in constructing the HRSSC onboarding platform. With the digital wave of today’s economy, HRSSC platform is a hot topic in the strategic transformation of human resources. In the process of professional and efficient platform practice and application, it reflects new breakthroughs of the company. The award was announced by Kevin Xia, the vice president of aTalent.