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Our Solution should be suitable for medium and large-sized enterprises with more than one hundred employees per month. For small-scale enterprises, please pay attention to our website and public account to get information about related service products as soon as possible.

What are the key benefits?

  • For business: great efficiency improvements, clear ROI
  • For employees: Significant optimization of onboard employee experience and satisfaction
  • For HR: Transforming the operating model, accelerating the transformation of the three pillars of HR, and improving HRSSC capabilities

Solution highlights

  • Support large-scale recruitment of complex multi-regional multi-legal entities
  • Support the configuration and customization of complete onboarding processes / tasks / forms such as issuance / pre-employment / Day 0 / Day 30/60/90
  • Supports public or private cloud deployments
  • Support strong integration capabilities of e-signature / enterprise WeChat / personal WeChat / call center / ATS / HRIS (PeopleSoft / SAP / Workday)
  • 100% security compliant

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