Servier China wins

The 2020 Learning Transformation Best Practice Award

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Industry: Pharmaceutical 
Employees: 2,000 – 5,000
Region: Greater China
Project timeline: 2019 – Now

On August 5th, 2020, Servier China won the 2020 Learning Transformation Best Practice Award.
Servier is an international pharmaceutical company managed by a non-profit fund. Servier has more than 149 national offices and more than 22,000 employees worldwide.
In terms of talent management,  Servier China has launched the strategic culture learning program. Through learning and experience, employees are able to identify with the brand new corporate mission, vision, values, and clear strategic objectives.

What were the


As one of the earliest foreign pharmaceutical companies to start a Chinese market expansion, Servier China has always maintained its original intention: caring for patients, continually exploring, promoting medical innovation, and meeting patients’ needs. However, with the continuous development of the company’s workforce, the company has also encountered a series of corporate talent management problems caused by the blurred perception of corporate culture:

  • Lack of responsive decision feedback
  • Lack of transparency in decision-making
  • Lack of corporate communication
  • Lack of self-identity in the workplace
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About the

Award-winning Project

Servier China is determined to reshape company’s culture, showing that they have put a great attention on cultivating innovated enterprise culture. Undoubtedly, the Project of Reshaping Servier’s Strategic Culture Learning has built a foundation of winning the 2020 Learning Transformation Best Practice Award.

  • The Project of Reshaping Servier’s Strategic Culture Learning 

    In order to solve employees’ lack of corporate culture recognition, the project’s goal is to educate all employees about the enterprise’s new mission, vision, and values. The new mission is establishing a corporate culture that keeps up with the times, enabling employees to be fully empowered, striving for the company’s common goals in their own positions, and maintaining a sustainable development model to cope with the rapidly changing external environment.

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The project was carried out by adopting a top-down management approach from department directors, project ambassadors, HRBP, and to all employees. It combines the latest learning technologies and methods, such as gamified learning, experiential learning, digital learning, interactive learning, etc. to enhance employee participation and learning effectiveness. Servier China has accomplished below significant achievement for winning the 2020 Learning Transformation Best Practice Award.

  • More than 90 percent of employees complete online learning
  • The attendance for interactive workshops reached 3%
  • The employees reported themselves have self-identity to the company exceeds 90%
  • The engagement index of the China branch exceeds other domestic top cross-industry companies by 10%
  • Improved corporate communication and decision-making transparency, and enhanced performance achievement rate and growth rate in the last two fiscal years
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About the


The 2020 Talent Management Best Practice Awards Ceremony was held at the Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai, which aims at promoting the development and transformation of talent management. The ceremony was hosted by representatives from aTalent, Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, HRFlag, and emLyon Business School. 

The 2020 Learning Transformation Best Practice Award recognizes the outstanding performance in learning reformation. Enterprise learning is the imperative for enterprises to upgrade their talent structure. Through the innovation of learning content and format, also reforming the traditional learning model, Servier China provides employees with a better learning and development platform that builds a scientific and effective corporate education system. The award was announced by He Wengang, the vice president of customer success of aTalent.