Metlife wins

The 2020 Talent Acquisition Best Practice Award

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Indutry: Finance, Insurance
Employees: 48,000
Region: Greater China
Project timeline: 2018 -Now

On August 5th , 2020, MetLife won the prestigious 2020 Talent Acquisition Best Practice Award.  

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, known as MetLife, is one of the leading forerunners in the financial industry. The massive and diverse business portfolio, from traditional insurance to annuities, employee benefits, and asset management, helping its individual and institutional customersFounded in 1868, such a well-established company keeps creating the best-service and expands its business footprints deeply embedded in more than 40 markets globally. However, with this rapid expansion unprecedentedly, especially in the Greater China Region, it is unavoidable to face some consequent talent recruiting management issues. 

MetLife has launched Reshaping MetLife’s Recruitment project in 2011 to further facilitate their recruitment process in the Great China region. 

What were the


The rapid development of digitalization has dominated the industry service. That being said, manual work in the HR industry has knowingly been highly time-consuming and inefficient. Consequently, countless unpredictable factors were impacting employee’s efficiency and productivity due to repetitive, disconnected and heavy procedures 

In early 2011, MetLife had a series of hiring difficulties that led to crippling recruiting performances due to the outdated systems and complex internal hierarchy. Simultaneously, both these tangible and intangible disadvantages directly influenced the HR department  

  • Headcount approval process was managed offline, the cross-department communication and cooperation was time-consuming and inefficient.

  • Repetitive manual work required for the job posting on local job boards (e.g. 51Job, Zhaopin).

  • HQ had neither clarity nor visibility on recruiters’ KPIs 

  • Lack of a centralized and internal talent pool for recruiters to manage and reuse their talent resources. 

  • Poor employer branding 
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About the​

Award-winning Project​

The resolution for Metlife was to completely reshape their recruitment structure, from an old-school manual process to an automatic stage, adapting to the era of digitalization. Stepping out of the long-lasting hiring approach to the innovated path requires courage and tenacity, even for a well-established company. Nonetheless, standing out from the comfort zone was not meaningless and achieved extraordinary outcomes. And has certainly contributed to build the foundation for winning this 2020 Talent Acquisition Best Practice Award.  

  • The Projects of Reshaping MetLife’s Recruitment Procedure 

    In order to solve the everlasting problems, the goal for this project aims at the following aspects: 

  • The adopted solution, TalentLink, provides streamlined, automated and segmented approval process, able to adapt to various hired functions. 
  • TalentLink provides seamless integration with local job boards. 
  • TalentLink provides key metrics and custom recruitment KPI reports through its powerful and comprehensive reporting functionality. 
  • TalentLink is a centralized online platform with partition of data security configurable to assist both HQ and local recruiting teams with job openings and candidates. 
  • TalentLink also provides a bespoke career site branded according to MetLife’s guidelines. 
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What are the

results & benefits


Implemented in 14 China Entities (Local Offices) , empowering more than 20 HR users and 150 Hiring Managers 

  • Challenges 

    • Time-consuming & inefficient offline process 
    • Repetitive manual work for HR 
    • Lack of visibility & clarity for HQ 
    • Poor Employer Brand 
  • Benefits: 

    • Approval process lead time reduced by 38% already in the first months 
    • Manual work (job posting, resume screening) down by 23% 
    • Positive Employer Branding and a better candidate experience 
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About the​


The 2020 Talent Management Best Practice Awards Ceremony was held at the Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai, which aims at promoting the development and transformation of talent management. The ceremony was hosted by representatives from aTalent, Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, HRFlag, and emLyon Business School. 

The 2020 Talent Acquisition Best Practice Award recognizes the winning companies’ outstanding performance in the recruitment process. In the fierce competition for talents, enterprises need to adjust their talent recruitment strategies based on the era’s evolution. The award was announced and presented by Mr. Kevin Xia, Vice President of aTalent.