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Talent acquisition involves everything needed to recruit, interview, hire, and onboard talentTalent and performance primarily focuses on internally finding, developing, and planning for the needed skills, as well as measuring the performance in the organization. More so, talent management is about bringing out the best in people, building career paths that enable them to flourish, identifying needed skills with jobs and particular workers, and making sure that learning is targeted and continuous. 

Talent management shouldn’t be a separate business process; it’s integrated into most business processes and activities in the company. It can include such things as connecting people and work and development opportunities via aTalent integrated talent management solutions, to companywide programs focused on elevating talent through training, learning, mentoring, and personalized workplace experiences. As HR expert Josh Bersin explains, people don’t just want jobs anymore, they want an employee experience. Talent management is about delivering the right experience at the right time for every employee.

While retaining and growing talent is widely considered a top HR priority, it’s not the only function of HR. At a foundational level, HR institutes workplace policies, benefits, and payroll—while these tasks are sometimes considered transactional, they are foundational operations of every HR department. Depending on the company, HR responsibilities can also include talent acquisition, compliance tracking, workforce planning, and more. In organizations where HR operates as a more strategic function, HR typically takes an active role in the organization’s “people strategy,” which includes building the employer brand, engaging the workforce, and more.

Despite having many roles and responsibilities, HR collectively has evolved to prioritize talent and performance, employee engagement, shaping company culture, and understanding business needs.

What’s coming next?
In the next installment of our Modern Talent Management series, we will highlight how has talent management changed, and why is talent management important nowadays.
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