Lundbeck China wins

The 2020 Corporate University Best Practice Award

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Industry: Pharmaceutical 
Employees: 5,000
Region: Greater China
Project timeline: 2018 – Now

On August 5th, 2020, Lundbeck won the prestigious 2020 Corporate University Best Practice Award.
Lundbeck is a global pharmaceutical company specialized in brain diseases. They operate in 50 countries and count of a workforce of more than 5,000 employees.
In 2020, they launched two projects to successfully enhance the talent retention and workforce skillsets, including “Advanced Training Program” and “Internal Trainer Program”.

What were the


Ever since 2007 when Lundbeck entered China, they have been rapidly expanding in both business development and employee size. In 2019, Lundbeck’s employees in China has increased by 24.5% compared to 2018. The number of managing level also increased by 50%. However, the company faced challenges of maintaining talent retention and strengthening workforce capabilities, including:  


  • Lack of leadership among managers
  • Lack of timely executions between departments responding to the ever-changing market environment
  • Lack of a sustainable talent development and performance training
  • Regional employee management issue
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About the

Award-winning Project

The solution for Lundbeck to identify the workforce capability gap and ensure employees to increase their agility and be able to adapt to the fast-paced business environment is to implement training programs, targeting managing and junior levels of the entire sales team, respectively.

Traditionally, the trainers and trainees have different perspectives and communications procedures as they are usually from different departments. What makes this project much more innovated is to effectively combine the Advanced Training Program with the Internal Trainer Program, as well as fully focus on the trainings and development of each employee (RSM/DSM/MR).


  • Advanced Training Program

    is a three-year program, targeting sales managing level, that focuses on three areas, Professional Counselling, Business Development, and Advanced Execution.

  • Internal Trainer Program

    is a five-year program, targeting sales junior level, that includes 5 types of trainings, Presentation Skills, In-House Trainer and Guidance, Partner Coaching Skills, Best Experience Application, and Performance and Project Management.

In addition, the design of the project is based on “721 strategy”:
  • Implementation & Experience (70%): Trainings, mentorship, and action learning
  • Feedback and Communications (20%): Sharing and communications, experiential assessment training, and performance review
  • Formal Trainings (10%): Face-to-face training, online learning, and mobile learning
  • Online and Offline Integration, including WeChat group operation and live streaming
Due to project innovation, Lundbeck stood out at the 2020 Talent Management Best Practices Award and received the 2020 Corporate University Best Practice Award on August 5th, 2020.
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The improvement of the leadership and professional competence of the team plays an essential role of better supporting Lundbeck’s rapid development. With the full supports from Lundbeck’s higher-management level, the Advanced Training Program and Internal Trainer Program have been running effectively, leading to exceptional results for winning the 2020 Corporate University Best Practice Award.

  • The project fully covers the sales team (SD/RSM/RPM/DSM/MR)
    • The size of sales team and sales management team increased to 37% and 28%, respectively.
    • Two new products were successfully launched into the National Medical Insurance Catalogue and Medical Insurance Negotiation Catalogue, respectively.
    • The sales team coverage in the Mainland increased from 21 to 29 provinces.
    • Internal promotion rate of sales directors, regional directors, and regional managers increased from 50% to 100% , 0% to 100%, and 30% to 50%, accordingly.
  • The business operation stays active despite multiple challenges during epidemic
    • The face-to-face training session was successfully moved to online prior to the initial schedule.
    • The success of digital transformation brought faith to employees during the epidemic.
    • Each employee maintained high productivity due to the assigned learning tasks with high-standard requirements.
    • With the learning opportunities provided, sales were able to improve their professional skills, which set up a solid foundation for promotion in post-epidemic.
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About the


The 2020 Talent Management Best Practice Awards Ceremony was held at the Ritz-Carlton, Shanghai, which aims at promoting the development and transformation of talent management. The ceremony was hosted by representatives from aTalent, Cornerstone OnDemand, Saba, HRFlag, and emLyon Business School. 

The 2020 Corporate University Best Practice Award recognizes the winning companies in the practice in corporate universities. The company demonstrated the organic combination of strategic development and innovative human resource management. It is an effective learning organization realization method, reflecting a perfect human resource training system. The award is announced by Anson Tang, the co-director of the Global Human Resources and Organization Research Center of emLyon Business School.