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Industry: Nuclear
Users: 3,000 +
Region: Mainland China
Project timeline: 2019-Present

Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute(Hereinafter referred to as SNERDI has 3,000+ employees in service, 71% of them have postgraduate degrees or above, 9% of them are doctors and post-docs, and 60% of them are professional technicians. As a leading enterprise in the field of nuclear power engineering design and research in China, SNERDI has always regarded talents as the most valuable asset of the enterprise.

SNERDI has a long history of providing safe, clean and reliable nuclear energy to the world through talent-driven business and with superior technology and innovation. in 2019, SNERDI faces the dual challenges of business merger and reorganization and performance management system change, the original performance management system cannot cooperate in the face of business change, and there is an urgent internal need for a flexible and agile, powerful system to accelerate the talent of large state-owned enterprises management digital transformation.

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What were the


As a benchmark in the nuclear industry, SNERDI needed a talent management system that could not only understand the management philosophy of its state-owned enterprises, but also meet the complex project processing and the changing management mode of a large enterprise.

After many discussions with SNERDI, aTalent realized that the project not only needed to support organizational performance management, individual performance management, democratic evaluation and 360 degree feedback, but also needed to meet the complex staffing structure of the company, with an average of 50+ performance breakdown indicators per employee, a complex breakdown process from organization to department to individual, and 8 different business systems. It also needs to realize the centralized management of different assessment frequencies and performance processes of more than 40 business departments on a unified performance management platform.

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What were the


In the shortest possible time, we can build a system that meets the performance management requirements of SNERDI and fully optimize its original system, realize unified control on one platform, meanwhile support performance assessment processes and management methods of different departments, different functions and different configurations, also provide a variety of 360-degree feedback reports to meet the integrated statistics and analysis of huge data, in order to fully realize the implementation and improvement of the closed loop of talent management.
1. Seamlessly docked to the original platform, UI interface meets the international standards 

Considering the large and complex staff structure of SNERDI, and that each department has its own unique performance assessment process and management style, aTalent decided to activate the organizational performance function in its performance management platform, and at the same time, combine it with individual performance and interface with the business system, so as to achieve a factual basis for uncontested goal decomposition.

At the same time, aTalent configured a powerful and flexible permission system for it, so as to reasonably build a permission model that perfectly suits the business scenario of SNERDI. According to its specific needs, it allows different employees and management departments to see different, corresponding to their own, relevant data and modules.

In the setting of performance appraisal process, similarly, different performance rules and processes are customized according to different types of employees, and key details such as the approval hierarchy, so that every department and every employee can achieve consistency and real time between individual performance goals and overall organizational goals.

2. Multiple digital tools were involved at one time 

Understanding that its original internal management system could not support the functional update, aTalent dovetailed the new performance appraisal process with the original pending system of SNERDI, in order to driving the process forward. In terms of the processing of technology, the management platform docked several sets of third-party platforms including core personnel system, enterprise self-researched business management system, electronic signature, single sign-on, etc., which greatly reduced the data errors of manual operation and greatly improved the user experience and the speed of HR business processing.

Meanwhile, in the UI interface of the product, Based on the original management and operation process of Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute (SNII), aTalent has been configured and integrated with the latest design trends to the greatest extent while preserving the working habits of its staff, and has been dedicated to building a first-class competitive nuclear energy general contracting enterprise with an international perspective.

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What are the

results & benefits

  • Rapid workforce
  • Expansion creates
  • Enterprise-scale employee management issues
  • 90% of BMW China’s talent management process now operates with the aTalent solution as its foundation
  • Over 2,000 employees adopted during the probation period annually
  • Over 15,000 employees performance evaluated annually
  • Competency models and performance appraisals matched over 1,000 core employees to suitable positions
  • Continued succession ladder created for 1000+ core positions
  • Increased adoption of HR system by HR, Line managers, and employees
  • Became the adopted interactive platform between HRBP and managers
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“It has been 4 years since we started working with aTalent.
The Talent Management Solution has enabled us to uncover our employee’s potential, streamline internal succession planning and achieve strategic HR planning within the organization.”

Liu Zhen,
Senior Manager,
Human Resource Information System
BMW China

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30 days project delivery, fully completed the private cloud interface, enabling medium and large state-owned enterprises to fully improve their performance management systems.


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