Centralize learning & knowledge management in a global manufacturing enterprise.

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Industry: Manufacturing
Employees: 70,000+
Region: Asia
Project timeline: 2018-Present

As a multi-industry company established in Indonesia that primarily focuses on forestry, pulp, and paper, APP (Golden Light Group) has rapidly expanded globally, becoming the leading enterprise in the industry, gradually developing into a comprehensive group company. That growth came with a series of challenges; a lack of scalable tools for the development and management of professional managers, difficulties to sustain knowledge sharing, and a series of assets left on-hold or not effectively dispatched.
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What were the


  • The rapid development of group urgently lacks global talent:

    As a traditional pulp and paper company established in Indonesia, APP has gradually departed from the traditional industry in the process of rapid global expansion and has become a comprehensive group company, whose business consists of agricultural and food industry, real estate industry, financial industry, telecommunications industry, renewable energy industry, etc. The full-speed development makes them do lack the support of a global talent management system.

  • Lack of communication among employees for sharing knowledge and experience:

    Their two headquarters, different subsidiaries and factories of the group have specific experts in various business fields. Each factory has its own innovative project and results, such as paper-making processes, raw materials processes, etc., but experience and knowledge were not effectively shared and applied, resulting in several missed/growth opportunities.

    APP’s Global Human Resources department recognized the need for a platform that centralizes and manages the sharing of these successful & practical experiences. Encouraging employees to learn, share and contribute to the overall growth is also helping APP’s employer brand and on a wider vision, engagement, progress and talent retention.
  • Complex group structure:

    APP globally includes hundreds of factories and subsidiaries, spanning five different industries, 6 large factories in Indonesia, more than 20 wholly-owned or holding pulp and paper enterprises, and more than 30 forest farms in China. Implementation needs to consider and weigh the specific conditions of different regions and different industries. and strict when selecting a talent management software provider.
  • Extremely cautious selection:

    In 2018, after nine months of implementation by a global well-known talent management software vendor who eventually led to the failure of the project, APP, therefore, was extremely cautious when selecting talent management software providers.
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What were the


aTalent believes that building a shared learning platform under the corporate culture of APP and turning competition-sharing conflict into opportunities can significantly promote healthy competition among employees. At the same time, as APP global corporate cultural hub, aTalent learning platform has opened up restrictions in different regions and industries within the group which will effectively promote global management integration.
  • Learning management module:

    aTalent built the first global talent management system for APP, which was also the first global cloud platform for employees to use on a large scale. We completed APP’s first globally unified identity authentication setup.
    aTalent applies the global talent learning dashboard to make the learning status of all employees instantly displayed in the HR office.

  • Integration with SAP: 

    aTalent assisted APP in successfully completing data integration and optimization, made impossible in the past.
  • Seamless connection between a mobile terminal and cloud platform:

    Seamless connections between multi-platforms, including WeChat and WeChat work and more user-friendly mobile terminal optimization, fully support the transformation of learning models for manufacturing enterprise.

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What are the

results & benefits

  • Efficiency:

    The project was launched in May 2018 and the first phase of the learning platform was successfully launched in early September. The second phase of platform optimization and mobile expansion was successfully launched in early November. The third phase of the knowledge base was completed and launched at the end of the year, became the most efficient implementation project ever in APP.
  • Promotion:

    In the future, it is expected to be extended to 70,000+ enterprise users. APP has planned to expand the aTalent talent management solution to the performance module and Chatbot.

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