Transforming performance management
accelerates talent development

with Chailease

Industry: Leasing
Employees: 2,000+
Region: Asia
Project timeline: 2017-Present

In the 14 years since its establishment, Chailease has invested 90 billion+ RMB in business and served 20,000+ companies. When Chailease realized that the key to maintaining and accelerating the further development of the company lies in corporate talents, a change in performance management was imperative.

What were the


Founded in 2005, 100% invested by the leading leasing company, Chailease Holding Co,Chailease International Finance Corp. is headquartered in Shanghai. With 43 years of technical experience from the parent company, Chailease expanded rapidly, and now has 49 marketing outlets and 9 professional financial services divisions.

Chailease has operations throughout Chinese mainland, in the 15 years since its establishment, it has invested 100 billion+ RMB in business and served 30,000+ companies. It is committed to opening up all-round target markets and pursuing outstanding performance.

Emphasizing on performance is one of the six particularities of the corporate culture. Chailease firmly believes that the retention and development of talents require the in-depth management efforts of enterprises and the assistance of talent management technology solutions.

When Chailease realized that the key to maintaining and accelerating the further development of the company lies in corporate talents, a change in performance management is imperative.

Chailease’s current performance communication and evaluation are based on offline interview and paper processing. The solution not only has the disadvantages of high communication costs between subordinates and subordinates, and also it is difficult to avoid the risk of non-standard processes.

At the same time, Chailease Human Resources Department lacks monitoring and supervision of procedure in the implementation of performance management, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is also extremely difficult to query historical performance documents.


What were the


aTalent believes that performance management should not only evaluate past performance and output, but also focus on talents’ future development plans. In order to ensure the company’s timely guidance and achieve the strategic performance goals, Chailease finally decided to start cooperation with aTalent in 2017 after various layers of screening.

The performance management solution provided by aTalent for Chailease includes Talent Information, Performance Management and Self-service Management Platform, etc., to help Chailease effectively standardize and streamline its performance management, and improve the the efficiency of HR departments.

  • Performance Management:

    aTalent assisted in integrating two types of performance management within Chailease, including the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of the operating department and the MBO (Management by objectives) of the functional department. The online performance management allows sales and market dynamics to be quickly fed back to the headquarters, helping corporate management to respond quickly to market changes and adjust the business strategic layout.

  • Automation Management Platform:

    The automation management platform provided by aTalent helps the talent strategy to be carried out quickly and correctly, improving transparency of the entire performance management process through automated management processes and data analysis. After the evaluation at the end of each year, the HR department can also send a thank-you letter to more than 1,200 target talents through an automated platform, which includes standard employee comments, thank you words, and development suggestions.
  • Optimizing employee experience:

In addition to management tools, aTalent provides Chailease employees with a brand-new and optimized performance management experience, which enhances employee engagement at each step, significantly accelerates the talent development process, and also helps companies retain talent. The powerful data aggregation and process monitoring functions of aTalent’s performance management system have also freed HR from cumbersome tasks, and allow them to investe in talent management strategy deployment, which greatly improve work efficiency and satisfaction.


What are the

results & benefits

  • Efficient implementation:

    aTalent quickly responded to needs for standard and secondary products development from Chailease then formulated plans for implementation, development and successfully launched in the short term.

  • Wide usage:

    aTalent performance management solution covers more than 2,500 employees in the company.

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The solution significantly increased employee engagement and reduced work processes for HR departments.


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