Accelerating HR Digital Transformation and Improving Employee Experience

with Swire Coca Cola

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Industry: Retail
Employees: 26,000 +
Region: Mainland China
Project timeline: 2020-Present

With a commitment of investing in their people and creating a safe and inclusive working environment, SCC realized the importance of the digital transformation in talent management as one of the keys to business success. After SCC has tasted the sweet spot by initiating digital transformation in the past years, they launched a progressive HR-driven initiative that identify areas of improvement and continuously improve workflows of the entire HR organization structure.
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What were the


As one of the world’s largest bottling partners of The Coca-Cola Company, Swire Coca-Cola (SCC) has been working closely with The Coca-Cola Company on brand development and marketing across Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

In the era of globalization and an ever-changing business environment, SCC is determined to invest in their talent management transformation, including establishing prospective programs and introducing various digital solutions across the internal HR structures and processes.

However, the employee experience of SCC was not fully optimized even if the organizational efficiency and effectiveness had been enhanced throughout the digitalization process. Few struggles and concerns were discovered internally while SCC was introducing the digital tools to their employees:

1. The complexity of digital tools without proper trainings & supports

The internal administrative and communications process of SCC was very complicated for not only HR but also non-HR, which caused a huge workload. The HR related process had been significantly challenging due to the fact that the headquarter of SCC and its bottlers are separated geographically. On the other side, the non-HR related workflow was usually time-consuming because of the limited system support. Apart from that, the employees are lack of basic knowledge and intuitive skills to adapt to new digital platforms while they were expected to master those tools in a short period of time.

2. Multiple digital tools were involved at one time without a full integration between organization units’ workflow and platforms

SCC’s employees complained that there were too many different platforms and user interfaces that they were required to use, and some of them were not consistent or user-friendly. There was a lack of systematic digital HR framework that allows HR administrative tasks to be strategically centralized, such as performance management, talent recruiting & onboard, employees learning experience portal, internal communication and employee feedback.

3. Digital solution was not accessible everywhere

Another pain point of SCC was that the access of internal employee communication portal was partly restricted as different communication tools were used in different regions. Having an integrated easy-to-access digital platform, that is responsive (adapt to all device sizes) and is WeChat friendly became an immediate need for SCC.

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What were the


1. Enhancing the Employee Experience and the User Journey

In order to fully optimize the employee experience for SCC, aTalent built an entire talent management suite covering 6 core aspects of the talent journey, which takes SCC’s HR digital transformation to the next level.

  • Employee Experience Portal

    aTalent has provided an interactive and easy-to-access platform to support employees on their daily work. Employees are able to access to this platform via multiple devices with only one unique ID and stay on top of SCC’s latest news and updates. The portal also allows employees to address any concerns or comments about the user journey within the platform. With a transparent communication process, SCC will be able to engage with their employees and avoid any miscommunications in terms of HR related tasks.

  • Pre-boarding and On-boarding Platform

    SCC HR work productivity has been increased significantly by using aTalent’s pre-boarding and on-boarding platform that standardize the whole process, such as documentation management, workflow automation, as well as timely notification sent through not only email but also WeChat.

  • WeChat-Friendly Learning Solution

    Saba learning management system has been implemented, which enables SCC’s employees to have a sustainable and collaborative learning experience besides their daily duties. This learning solution not only offers the opportunity for SCC’s employees to gain different skillsets tailored to their career interests and objectives, but also provides a systematic data tracking that allows the users to keep tracking their learning activities. More importantly, as Saba learning solution is WeChat-friendly, now SCC’s employees can learn anytime and anywhere by fully utilizing their time and accessing to the platform via mobile.

  • Talent Performance and Review Management

    In addition to learning opportunities, SCC’s employees are now able to create personalized career paths with Saba’s solution by receiving career planning recommendations such as related courses, opening positions, and experts to connect with. Through the customized career planning, employees can have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and fill the skill gaps based on their capacities.
  • Talent Succession

    aTalent also implemented the talent succession planning tool that aims to facilitate SCC’s HR managers in annual talent review and pool. The succession tool provides detailed analytics of each talent profile information with dashboard supported. SCC’s HR managers are now able to quickly understand company’s current talent capabilities and implement HR strategies moving forward based on the entire company’s needs.
2. Providing an integrated Digital Talent Management solution

Apart from building an entire talent management suite that covers 6 core aspects of the talent journey, aTalent’s solution is fully integrated with SCC’s pre-existing applicant tracking system and local human resource management systems. As SCC’s geographies are across Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, our solution is designed to be applicable to the tools used in each region.

3. Enabling WeChat Connector

What’s more, WeChat integration is fully activated in our talent management suite. Considering WeChat as the most popular social media tools in Mainland China and the fact that people are highly demanding on mobile experience nowadays, the integration between WeChat and the talent management platform is the win-win solution for both improving employees experience and enhancing HR work efficiency.

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What are the

results & benefits

1. HR Digital Transformation

After initiating a higher level of HR transformation, aTalent has helped SCC to fully move their HR related procedures and management from offline to digitals for both management-level employees and production-level workers across Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

2. Integrated Talent Management Operation

With aTalent’s all-in-one talent management solution, HR operation and work process are able to be standardized in one place with fully integration with pre-existing ATS and local HRM systems.

3. Empower Swire Coca Cola’s Employer Branding
SCC can leverage various features configuration within the platform that is tailored to their actual business needs, which could better resonate with their employees and hence, increase employee engagement and interaction more effectively, plus the influence of their own employer branding.

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