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Industry: Automotive Design and Development
Users:  3,000+
Region: Greater China
Project timeline: 2021.11 – Present 

Keywords: Complex Performance Management | Fast On-line

VOYAH is a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Group, one of the world’s top 500 companies. As a high-end intelligent electric car technology brand of Dongfeng Motor Group, VOYAH is committed to creating a modern and beautiful life for the new middle class of contemporary society with the brand mission of “Let cars drive dreams and empower a better life”. 

As China’s “new strength in car making”, VOYAH fully integrate Dongfeng’s over 50 years of car-making technology and advantageous resources, also  builds an innovative business model with the customer as the center, aiming to become the leader in high-end new energy passenger cars. On February 17, 2022, VOYAH announced its entry into the European market with the first stop in Norway, which makes it the fastest Chinese high-end new energy car brand to go overseas. 

From its establishment at the beginning of 2018 to the refinement stage of management today, its HR department has set higher standards and requirements for performance management in terms of how to take over the company’s strategic objectives, how to implement them into key tasks, and how to control across departments and conduct multi-dimensional assessments. aTalent Talent Management System can better adapt to the complex business needs of medium and large enterprises with multiple regions and business formats. With its rich experience in serving medium and large multinational companies, Arturo Auto finally chose to cooperate with aTalent.

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As a high-end intelligent electric car technology brand belonging to state-owned enterprise Dongfeng Group and at the same time in the new energy wind, VOYAH has a relatively innovative business model. It has the nature of an emerging internet company, but at the same time has a strong traditional SOE management style. These characteristics are also reflected in its performance management model, which has a complex performance management process, performance assessment dimensions and variable performance assessment relationships. 

At the same time, its weak internal information foundation in talent management, the lack of core organizational structure and personnel data structure in the self-research system, and the uneven quality collection all make its personnel reporting and performance assessment relationship particularly complex. 



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Solution Components

Performance Management |  360 Degree Feedback

From “manufacturing” to “smart manufacturing”, the number of internal and external appraisers increased dramatically for VOYAH, and the original redundant business chain became more complicated. aTalent project implementation team believes that clarifying performance appraisal ideas and optimizing the performance appraisal process are the two main focuses of its performance management. 

With rich experience in system data integration, aTalent assisted VOYAH to check and improve the data quality and solved the problem that the data could not be imported simultaneously in different systems at the beginning. In terms of performance appraisal process optimization, aTalent made many professional suggestions based on the actual business needs of VOYAH. After many changes and adjustments, and many changes in the appraisal dimensions and relationships, aTalent finally created a performance appraisal process and method that best suited the actual business needs of VOYAH.

To help VOYAH achieve the simultaneous update of annual performance and value appraisal at the end of the year, aTalent project implementation team successfully completed the first phase of the project in only 10 days and achieved the full launch in 4 weeks.

By making full use of the mature underlying architecture of aTalent platform and the high configurability of the system, aTalent project implementation team quickly helped them to adjust the performance appraisal process and performance appraisal dimensions. The values assessment is conducted through 360-degree feedback as a reference for performance scoring. Through the system’s functions of virtual and real reporting line manager evaluation, multi-level manager evaluation, invitation evaluation, and authorization, it perfectly solved the problem of complex performance appraisal relationship of VOYAH.

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