Have you always been looking for a true mobile-friendly onboarding platform that:

A. helps you build a culture of employee engagement,
B. invite your new hires on an unforgettable journey,
C. provide measurable results,
D. decrease new hire time-to-productivity,
E. increase retention, and
F. de-risk recruitment investments?

Good news! Discover below how we decided to simplify the onboarding process, and how we can help you to automate your workflows and elevate your business with a constantly evolving world-class onboarding platform:

1. A true Mobile-first Experience

The New Hire OnBoard interface has been designed to ease the new hires journey, meaning that HR teams can now invite new hires via automated phone calls, SMS or emails.

From there, new hires are able to accept their invitation and start their new journey as simply and quickly as possible, within the WeChat environment. Automated notifications are sent to new hires and allow them to use their mobile phone to gradually progress and unlock new content. The mobile-first interface will take through the onboard process, step-by-step, and get your HR/SSC teams the efficiency they have been looking for. 

2. Simple, clear, intuitive

The number of tasks is reduced to a minimum. The simple interface allows new hires to follow simple steps while submitting their information and documents. While setting up your workflows, you will be able to decide how many steps or documents are mandatory, and what are the key information you will need to receive before welcoming your talents on Day 1.

3. Day 1 and beyond

After day 1, our Onboarding solution enables HR teams to follow up with additional tasks or progression. You will be able to take employees through a series of events, apps and performance-related milestones. But more on that in our next release note!

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Finally! A true mobile-friendly Onboarding experience, by aTalent.插图2

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