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In an era of digitalisation, everyone is seeking change. Performance management is one of the most important aspects of business management. In recent years, a variety of new target management systems have sprung up, with the sole purpose of managing performance and managing it well. When more employees turn their work into self-improvement from the completion of tasks, should the existing rigid performance management model of the enterprise also change?

1. Integration of multiple systems for self-contained management

According to the SMART principle, users can choose the appropriate target system according to the current needs of the company, such as OKR, KPI, OKR, BSC, MBO, etc. The system itself allows a variety of management systems to be mixed and matched to maximise the exclusive needs of each department and to improve the utilisation of corporate performance management.

2. Transparent breakdown of objectives

Goals are broken down from the top down, aligned from the bottom up and aligned horizontally, so that employees have their own roles to play and goal setting is no longer confusing. By default, managers can break down goals down to their teams. At the same time, each individual can update their progress towards their goals at any time and drill down into specific details to ensure their goals are aligned with the overall corporate goals in real time.

3. Change your perspective and see things differently

By country, across departments, think what you want, we bring the overall organisational structure into the goal setting. Through different dimensions, to make the hierarchical relationship and progress of key corporate objectives more intuitive, which facilitates clear responsibility and alignment of direction across the enterprise. All people pick up the pieces and improve performance on all fronts.

These are the new performance management product functions designed and built by aTalent, in order to meet the needs of different target systems. We are constantly polishing our products to help companies achieve better performance management. There is no such thing as the best management model, but finding the most suitable one is the most helpful for the company itself. Different management systems, on the one platform, we help you to realize them all. Make performance more than a cold surface, with positive incentives and real-time feedback.

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