Digital Transformation #1 – Put Talent  First缩略图
Digital Transformation #1 – Put Talent First

The innovative technology development has rapidly changed the way enterprises expand their business, which has affected all aspects such as customers, sales products, methodology, and procedures, as well as employees and working environment.   According to a study conducted by Constellation Research in 2014, the ability of industry leaders to adapt to digital transformation is […]

How to engage with talents during Covid?缩略图
How to engage with talents during Covid?

Tough times, tough measures. While our thoughts and prayers are with the affected families, we have spent the past 48 hours trying to find a genuine and useful way to support companies and recruiters maintaining a reasonable amount of productivity. Early surveys are showing that a massive amount of businesses and industries are suffering from […]

Wondering what AI can do to empower your talent management?缩略图
Wondering what AI can do to empower your talent management?

You don’t want to miss it! aTalent partners with the world’s leading talent management company Saba to bring you the most advanced-guard L&D solutions in Shanghai. Come and meet us at HREC 21st L&D Conference to explore how we can help you create a talent environment that connects people’s development to business success like no […]