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Tough times, tough measures. While our thoughts and prayers are with the affected families, we have spent the past 48 hours trying to find a genuine and useful way to support companies and recruiters maintaining a reasonable amount of productivity.

Early surveys are showing that a massive amount of businesses and industries are suffering from this Coronavirus crisis. Turnouts, sales, engagement are down. And while most of us are online, it is in fact, harder to outreach to people.

So we looked at our range of solutions and decided to give away 30 free accounts to our Next-Gen WeChat CRM. Starting today, transforming a paid-only access to a completely free, 30-day trial, no strings attached, an opportunity to outreach and engage with all your OA WeChat followers.

Experience fully-automated Features

Sync the platform with your WeChat account and start increasing response, engagement & conversions. Our automated CRM will automatically engage and re-activate candidates in your multiple talent pools.

Tailor the Experience to your own brand

Get access to an outstanding cloud CRM and start sharing your media library, guidelines, templates & written content across teams and regions, so that your audience can live and experience your brand all the way.

Access the funnel Tracking & Insights

By centralizing your talent engagement into one platform, our CRM will track your engagement and conversion rate per channel helping you to measure ROI.

Next-Gen CRM?

Powered by Automation, A.I. & Predictive Analytics. aTalent’s CRM will increase Candidate Engagement, Conversion & Retention rates while simplifying your work, and improving your productivity & R.O.I.