Across the U.S. and China, together tell the world about the beauty of health

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Case. Across the U.S. and China, together tell the world about the beauty of health Wuxi Clinical 1

Industry: Pharmaceutical
User:  1,000+
Region: Mainland China+U.S.
Project timeline: 2020.8 – Present
Dual compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL)|Building a diverse ecosystem of internal and external users|Implementing global delivery
Solution Components: Learning & Development

Project Challenge

WuXi Clinical is a wholly owned subsidiary of WuXi AppTec. WuXi Clinical is a wholly owned subsidiary of WuXi PharmaTech, with a joint operation model of a Chinese and US team based in Shanghai. WuXi Clinical is committed to providing a full range of clinical research services to its global clients and has expanded its business to the US, EU and some key countries in Asia Pacific as research and development continues.

In order to achieve a secure and orderly flow of data privacy across borders, the existing learning management platform of HongYi was unable to meet its needs and there was an urgent need for a learning and development management platform that could support multiple locations in the US and China, cross-cultural and highly sophisticated for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, and had extensive project experience in data compliance to meet its high standards of security, efficiency and stability.


Why aTalent?

Extensive experience in multinational projects

aTalent talent management platform is based in China and has a global perspective. With an international project implementation team that understands local management thinking and global management trends, we can better understand and integrate into our clients’ diverse cross-border management cultures. At the same time, aTalent has long-standing relationships with many of the world’s leading vendors and has rich experience in global cross-border project delivery, building a bridge for clients to communicate and coordinate cross-border projects, and helping clients’ local and international management to reach agreement on digital intelligence decisions.

With global compliance experts

aTalent project implementation team has so far deployed a single client project in up to 20 countries and regions. aTalent compliance experts are located around the world and have in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations in many countries and regions around the world, including mainland China, to help our clients achieve a secure cross-border flow of data privacy worldwide.


aTalent's exclusive solutions

The aTalent project implementation team worked with both Chinese and American teams to create a global workshop. It was understood that both the US and China were connected to two different HRIS systems, with different access rights for system administrators, different processes, different organisational structures, different internal data bases and different requirements for employees in the US and China. 

Considering the different HRIS systems in China and the US, the aTalent project implementation team also discussed with relevant third parties and conducted data integration workshops with relevant personnel in China, the US, Germany and Australia to regularly synchronise information on employee positions, departments and other relevant information. Through automatic updates between systems, the data interaction is guaranteed to be timely and accurate. 

In terms of compliance issues, the aTalent project implementation team combined with top global compliance experts to meet the precise and strict quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) management of the biopharmaceutical industry through an innovative cloud-based service architecture, Validated Environment Management Service (VEMS). Real-time tracking enables the validation of hundreds of internal compliance requirements, ensuring full compliance with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 regulations and China’s Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL), while meeting the dual reporting requirements in both the US and China.

The aTalent implementation team managed and delivered the course through various personnel dimensions such as department, position and region, and utilised Single Sign-On (SSO) technology to ensure personalised learning and optimise the learning experience for employees, creating a system that met the compliance and talent development requirements of Kinder Hong Wing’s cross-border management.

At the same time, the aTalent implementation team helped to build the learning and development management of its external world-class biopharmaceutical industry cluster partners, including GSK and AstraZeneca. The project is designed to maintain the flow of knowledge and content between the US and China on the same platform, while ensuring complete independence and autonomy in management. To tell the world about the beauty of health from China in the best possible way.


Customer Testimonial

“aTalent provided us with complete validation documentation that met all of our needs for system compliance, which is critical for the clinical research industry!

Senior IT Manager

Visual Cheatsheet

Since its launch, the project has greatly optimised the learning experience for staff and the ease and efficiency of management


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Case. Across the U.S. and China, together tell the world about the beauty of health Wuxi Clinical 2

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Case. Across the U.S. and China, together tell the world about the beauty of health Wuxi Clinical 3

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