Across the U.S. and China, together tell the world about the beauty of health

With Wuxi Clinical

Case. Across the U.S. and China, together tell the world about the beauty of health Wuxi Clinical 1

Industry: Pharmaceutical
User:  1,000+
Region: Mainland China+U.S.
Project timeline: 2020.8 – Present

Key words: FDA 21 CFR Part 11|SSO|Zero barriers to cross-country management on the same platform

WuXi Clinical is a wholly-owned subsidiary of WuXi AppTec. WuXi Clinical is committed to providing a full range of clinical research services for global clients, including pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices, in vitro diagnostic reagents, and other medical products.  

Based in China and having a global vision, Wuxi Clinical is a joint operation between China and the United States, with Shanghai as the center. Radiate global pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, and medical device companies. Help global innovation partners to develop pharmaceutical products better and faster. 

As we continue to grow our business capabilities, we have expanded our business to include the United States, the European Union, and select countries in the Asia Pacific region. This expansion also brings new challenges in talent management. 


What were the


After aTalent communicated with Wuxi Clinical many times, we learned that its current operation mode is a joint operation between the US and China, and the HRIS systems in the US and China have very different processing modes. Accordingly, the access rights of system administrators, processes, the overall structure of the organization, the huge internal data structure, and the specific requirements of employees in China and the United States are very different. This poses a huge challenge for the unified learning platform. 

The diverse office environment also brought hundreds of internal requirements, and also have to meet the specific needs of employees while considering the security and compliance of the system, as well as the time difference and cultural uncertainties between the U.S. and China, posed an unprecedented challenge to the smooth progress of the project.


What were the


Based on aTalent’s deployment strategy: “thinking big and acting locally”, we will build a system that meets the system compliance and talent development learning requirements of Wuxi Clinical, maintaining complete independence and autonomy of management in China and the U.S. on one platform, and fully realizing a safe, compliant and proprietary talent learning system. 

1. Tailored to local conditions

Through frequent and effective communication, aTalent understood the differences between Wuxi Clinical’s Chinese and American businesses, the characteristics of the organization’s internal structure, and the specific needs of employees in China and the United States, to customize a new management model for them, which not only met the original workflow of the administrators but also perfectly solved the specific requirements of their different businesses. 

In terms of data processing, considering the different system structures between Chinese and American, we chose to conduct seminars with relevant third parties and do data integration workshops with the offices in China and the United States respectively, fully realizing the docking of HRIS and LMS, regularly synchronizing the information on employee positions and departments, and ensuring the timeliness and accuracy of data interaction through automatic updates between systems. It greatly reduces the probability of errors in manual operation. 

2. Strict adherence to compliance

For the system’s compliance processing, aTalent combines the world’s top industry experts to track in real time, thus perfectly realizing the verification of hundreds of internal compliance requirements. The project also complies with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 specifications, meeting compliance standards in the dual reporting of projects in China and the United States. 


What are the

results & benefits

By implementing the world’s leading LMS, aTalent was able to meet hundreds of its specific requirements while providing a detailed and unique solution that comprehensively met the security and compliance of its system. Separating different users in different areas for management and configuration, and for over a hundred external users in related fields, reduces system risk while ensuring that users in all areas can take a uniform course.

By managing and distributing courses through personnel dimensions such as department, position, and region, while realizing single sign-on, improves the employee experience and allows employees to fall in love with self-learning, continuously improve their capabilities, and provide a better quality talent pool for the company to tell the world about the beauty of health with an optimal look. 


“aTalent provided us with complete validation documentation that met all of our needs for system compliance, which is critical for the clinical research industry!

Xia Xu,
Senior IT Manager,
Wuxi Clinical

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The project has achieved fruitful results within six months of its launch, greatly improving the learning experience of employees and providing companies with a better quality talent pool.


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Case. Across the U.S. and China, together tell the world about the beauty of health Wuxi Clinical 2

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