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When should a company do 360° review?

By definition, 360° review means to understand the performance of employees through different subjects such as themselves, superiors, subordinates, colleagues and customers, and to comment on the opinions of various parties, so that employees themselves are clear about their strengths and weaknesses and achieve the purpose of improving or improving. The advantage of the 360° […]

An upgraded version of the performance management function, by aTalent缩略图
An upgraded version of the performance management function, by aTalent

In an era of digitalisation, everyone is seeking change. Performance management is one of the most important aspects of business management. In recent years, a variety of new target management systems have sprung up, with the sole purpose of managing performance and managing it well. When more employees turn their work into self-improvement from the […]

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Performance Management is Management : in 7 useful elements

* By Josh Bersin The Seven Important Elements of Performance Management Performance management is far more than performance appraisal.  In fact, this is probably the last and least important part of the process.  As we see it, “performance management” is “management.”  It describes the ongoing process between employees and managers which takes place every single […]