Singapore, May 19, 2024 / O Group, a global leader in blockchain technology, and aTalent have reached a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. This collaboration aims to jointly promote innovation in enterprise learning management in the global data storage industry against the backdrop of the Web3.0 era. 

By leveraging aTalent’s award-winning learning management platform powered by AI, O Group aims to provide advanced AI learning management solutions for diverse regions including Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, and China. 

This initiative will serve as a pivotal link for O Group’s learning management efforts both domestically and internationally, facilitating the dissemination of industry expertise, the enhancement of leading skills, and the cultivation of high-end talent. 

About Client: 

O Group, as a leading figure in the global blockchain industry, is not only one of the earliest established blockchain enterprises in China but also a leading representative within the industry. Since its inception, O Group has been deeply involved in the research and development as well as the commercial application of blockchain technology. It has now evolved into a large-scale provider of global services in blockchain technology and services. 

O Group boasts a broad business portfolio, with multiple well-known brands and entities under its umbrella, covering various fields such as blockchain big data, technology research and development, application, as well as blockchain incubation. 

Additionally, O Group has a strong global network layout, with its subsidiaries or offices spanning across more than 10 countries and regions, including mainland China, Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, and Japan. 

New AI powered system, making a big difference. 

In Web 3.0 era, to effectively promote internal talent development within enterprises and ensure the stable and sustainable development of business, O Group actively seeks and embraces globally leading learning management technology platforms. This is to create an efficient and intelligent learning environment, empowering the continuous growth of global employees and and infusing a constant flow of energy into the enterprise’s long-term growth. 

aTalent learning management platform, powered by AI, pioneers a seamless integration of online and offline learning modes with user experience at its core. 

By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, system intelligently tags O Group’s proprietary learning materials, enabling learners to conveniently and efficiently locate and acquire the learning content and skills they need. 

Besides, the platform adheres to international standards in its design, ensuring that O Group’s global employees can access it anytime and anywhere without barriers. 

aTalent’s powerful data analytics tools provide O Group’s HR management team with a potent instrument for gaining deep insights into global user learning trends and dynamics, thereby strongly supporting the continuous optimization of their learning experience. 

Furthermore, the AI-powered learning management platform provided by aTalent seamlessly integrates with O Group’s existing HR management software, ensuring a smooth transition during system upgrades and the secure flow of talent data. 

With the cutting-edge AI learning management platform of aTalent, employees of O Group will be able to engage in learning more efficiently, thereby focusing more on the expansion of core business. This will greatly enhance the employee learning experience and strengthen O Group’s market competitiveness in the Web 3.0 era. 

Looking ahead, as O Group’s business footprint continues to expand, aTalent will continue to provide advanced technological support such as AI, ensuring that its learning management stays at the forefront of the times, leading the new transformation of talent development in the blockchain industry. 

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