Capillary Tech

Singapore, June 6, 2024 / Capillary Technologies (hereinafter referred to as “Capillary”), a SaaS company highly regarded by Sequoia Capital, has recently secured $45 million in Series D funding, bringing its total capital raised to nearly $150 million. Headquartered in Singapore, this leading loyalty management and customer engagement technology solutions provider has announced a long-term strategic partnership with aTalent to advance enterprise digital learning initiatives.

Capillary will deploy aTalent’s AI-driven, award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver an exceptional AI-enhanced learning experience to its nearly 800 employees, including 200 contractors and external partners, across India, the US, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. This collaboration aims to strengthen Capillary’s leadership in the industry.

About Client: 

Since its inception in 2012, Capillary has expanded its operations to the US, India, the Middle East, and various Asian countries, with significant influence in Southeast Asia. The company specializes in providing comprehensive loyalty programs, integrating extensive consumer insights with unified cross-channel strategies to deliver real-time, personalized, and consistent omnichannel experiences for its clients.

As of October 2021, Capillary has partnered with over 250 renowned brands in more than 30 countries globally. These brands include ASICS, PUMA, Shell, Tata, Fossil, Hoya, Pantaloons, GKB Opticals, Indian Terrain, Vishal Megamart, among others, spanning various sectors such as apparel, footwear, supermarkets, conglomerates, manufacturing and electronics, pharmaceuticals and health, fine dining and QSR, luxury goods and jewelry, entertainment, oil and gas, and travel and hospitality.

With the integration of aTalent’s AI technology, Capillary is pioneering a transformative approach in the loyalty management sector, providing a unique learning experience for its workforce.

Innovative AI System for Enhanced Learning:

In the accelerating digital transformation of enterprise management, AI technology has emerged as a crucial driver of innovation and growth. Capillary recognizes this trend and is proactively incorporating AI technology to enhance the learning experiences of its global employees. Through the deep integration of AI within aTalent’s learning management platform, Capillary aims to offer flexible and personalized course recommendations, catering to the diverse learning needs of employees across various roles and locations.

Capillary anticipates that this collaboration with aTalent’s LMS will facilitate efficient and accessible learning and development support for its nearly 800 employees, including 200 contractors and external partners, across India, the US, Dubai, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

This comprehensive upgrade of the learning system is expected to significantly boost the professional capabilities of Capillary’s workforce, driving superior performance in the global market.

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