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  • High growth: High triple-digit growth in annual recurring revenue (ARR)
  • High customer acquisition: more new customers than in the past three years combined
  • High acquisition: Industry-leading revenue retention rate (Net Dollar Retention) consistently above 110%

Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore, Feb. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – aTalent, a provider of performance management-focused talent management software, continues to deliver strong growth in fiscal 2021, adding more new customers in the same year than in the last three years combined, achieving its best fiscal year ever with another record performance.

Exponential surge in orders for performance management platform

With performance management at its core, aTalent is a leading talent management software provider that is committed to “big picture, localized action”. aTalent highlights its competitive advantage in the market, namely “complex performance management for medium and large enterprises”.

After deepening its product upgrade, focusing and implementing its market strategy, aTalent has signed up with TDK Corporation, DHL Supply Chain, Tourism Australia, Victor Automotive Technology, Arturo Motors, Bao Yuan Biomedical Technology, Taiho Life Insurance, Spring Power, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, DKSH, etc. in 2021, only one year later. The company is a leading player in China and global markets, highlighting its position as an industry leader.

As a SaaS vendor, aTalent has also achieved outstanding industry performance in the past year. The triple-digit growth of Annual Recurring Revenue and the retention rate of Net Dollar Retention of over 110% are the industry leaders in HR SaaS in China.

Kevin Xia, General Manager of Sales of aTalent, said, “The past year has been a year of continued success for aTalent’s GTM strategy focused on Win Zone. We have maintained our industry-leading high unit price and win rate in the highly homogeneous and competitive HR SaaS industry through analytical insights based on data and facts. We firmly believe that in the enterprise software field, to be big is to be strong first. With efficient growth in mind, aTalent’s GTM team and marketing budget will also double in 2022.”

Deepen product development and user experience to build the No.1 performance management platform in China

Based on the diversified and international corporate background, aTalent’s full line of products pay great attention to user experience. Focusing on medium and large enterprises, aTalent provides a talent management platform with performance management as its core. Its full range of products help companies cultivate and develop talent, accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises, and empower employees to improve on their own, smart, easy to use and flexible. Committed to improving the relationship between people and enterprises, aTalent products are designed and developed to let everyone become the best version of themselves at work.

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In July 2021, aTalent was awarded the “Best User Experience Award 2021” by EXChina Institute, which is another award after aTalent won many awards in the field of HR management in 2021, including “Top 50 HR Technology Companies in China Market 2022”, “New Flag Award 2022 – Annual Solution Award” and “Top 30 HR Technology Innovation Brands in China 2021”.

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In order to further deepen and innovate the development of domestic talent management, aTalent is launching aTalent Talent Marketplace product in late 2021. As the first talent management software provider in mainland China to introduce the international leading internal talent market concept, “aTalent internal talent marketplace product” can effectively promote and help enterprises to try and implement the talent marketplace, providing prerequisites for enterprises to develop and build the talent marketplace.

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Wengang He, General Manager of Customer Success at aTalent, said, “Enabling talent to achieve better in their work has always been aTalent’s vision and has been reflected in more clients over the past year. aTalent has always listened and paid attention to our clients’ needs, and through our experienced delivery team and powerful management platform, we help our clients reach management to new heights. At the same time, our products are on the road to innovation. Internal talent market development and management is still a very avant-garde concept in mainland China, and we are committed to being the leader in China’s HR software industry. Satisfying the present and looking to the future, we strive to cover the talent management needs of business development.”

Accelerate the layout of Asia-Pacific region and overseas business expansion

Relying on the expert team in Shanghai headquarters, aTalent continues to deepen the partnership with its international partner Cornerstone OnDemand and establish the India R&D center at the same time. Leveraging its long-term talent management experience in serving medium and large multinational clients, its global industry resources, and its in-depth understanding of overseas markets, aTalent provides clients with global vision and solutions to help Chinese companies develop overseas markets and implement internationalization strategies.

In FY 2021, aTalent’s overseas business increased significantly year-over-year, making it the strategic talent management partner of choice for Chinese companies to achieve significant growth in overseas markets.

About aTalent

aTalent is a talent management platform with products that include: Performance Management, 360 Feedback, Talent Inventory, Skills and Competencies, Succession Planning, Learning Development, and Internal Talent Marketplace. aTalent employs people from 9 different countries and regions, and its products and services empower nearly one million users in 14 countries.

As a trusted leader in international talent management software, aTalent serves top international and domestic companies in both China and Asia Pacific. Our business spans healthcare, new energy, electronics, automotive, hospitality, wholesale and retail, transportation and other sectors. These include

  • A top 2 global hotel group with 70,000 employees in Greater China.
  • A top 3 health private pharmaceutical R&D company in China, with over 17,000 employees in Greater China.
  • Top 3 global luxury car leader with 20,000 employees in joint venture vehicle plants in China.
  • Top 3 global FMCG beverage company with 25,000 thousand employees in Greater China.
  • A top 3 global courier giant with 20,000 employees in 12 Asian countries.
  • One of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies, with over 30,000 employees in China.
  • A top 3 global life insurance company with more than 15,000 employees in Greater China.
  • A global leader in the electronic raw materials and components industry, with nearly 120,000 employees in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • A leading global market expansion services group with over 30,000 employees in Asia Pacific.
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