External training
Unleash Your Career Superpowers: The Epic Quest of External Training

In today’s rapidly evolving world, training has become more crucial than ever before. With technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs occurring at a rapid pace, it is essential for individuals to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge. One notable example of this rapid development is in the field of computers. The ever-changing landscape of technology necessitates […]

External Training
Supercharge your business with external training(Part 2)

Leverage e-commerce and online training to grow your business The advantages of learning for Training Companies (TCs) are very self-explanatory. (as selling and delivering training is the lifeblood of their business and are key to growth). In this situation, education and training can directly improve their bottom line and significantly expand their business. Revenue growth: […]

External Training
Supercharge your business with External Training(Part 1)

Presently, in this article, we’ll investigate the business advantages of external training. (What’s more, there are tons!) Whether you’re instructing clients, accomplices, or individuals, we’ll separate how your projects can drive development and convey main concern results. Fuel development with client instruction CEd programs are a very powerful method for drawing in possibilities ready to […]

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External Training: The Top Priority of Corporate Learning

Before we dive into what a successful external training program entails, let’s take a moment to define what external training means. In fact, most internal training (especially in highly regulated industries) is driven by compliance. It is something that people have to do. In contrast, extended corporate training – or external training – is largely […]

4 steps to tell you what is extended enterprise training

The way we learn at work can take many different forms, including internal training, virtual training, and classroom training. The key distinctions between providing internal and external training in this blog, along with the implications for businesses. 1. What is extended business training? You have experience in internal training: It entails employee training. Extended Enterprise […]

The unbreakable link between performance management and employee engagement

*The original article is from Cornerstone, by Stacie Grasberger The concept of employee engagement, around since the early nineties, was first introduced in “Psychological Conditions of Personal Engagement and Disengagement at Work” in the Academy of Management Journal. Today, there are hundreds of definitions and synonymous terms (e.g., employee experience, employee journey, workplace engagement, employee […]

Understand LMS, LXP and Talent Marketplace in 1 article

For plenty of years, Learning Management Platform (LMS) has been the foundation of the  learning and development (L&D) management. Many executives and HRs constantly trying to better optimize the learning experience and better empower business development through various technologies in the learning and development management.  Learning Management System (LMS)  The LMS (Learning Management Platform) effectively connects […]

Talent Marketplace: Future of Talent Management

With the advent of the HR 3.0, HR has transformed from a basic administrative role to a more strategic managerial role. As a more open, flexible, and people-oriented AI technology platform, the Talent Marketplace will be the best partner for this evolution and the future talent management of HR.  I. What is the Talent Marketplace?   […]

Why Every Business Needs to Launch a Talent Marketplace in 2022? Here are 4 reasons!缩略图
Why Every Business Needs to Launch a Talent Marketplace in 2022? Here are 4 reasons!

More and more companies are choosing to start Talent Marketplace (aka活水计划) now, and it’s clearly not a decision on a whim. With the global epidemic in 2022, each company is at the same crossroads regardless of the industry, region, or sector: HR needs to decide whether to remain stagnant or embrace a new mindset and […]

Performance Management: How to Become Your Best-Self?

* BY JOSHBERSIN · PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 · UPDATED SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 We’re in a tumultuous business cycle and everyone is concerned about performance: the performance of our company, our teams, and ourselves.  And in the midst of this pandemic, we are ever more concerned with wellbeing, resilience, and growth. How can we best stay productive at home (or […]