aTalent Chatbot Won’t Take Your Job, But It Will Make It Easier缩略图

A global study by McKinsey finds that a high percentage of jobs will become automated, including high-paying ones.

Worried about robots making you obsolete in the workplace? That’s not an irrational fear, according to Michael Chui from the McKinsey Global Institute. Lots of professions are ripe for artificial intelligence technologies to take over at least some of the work—often a lot of it.

The findings come from a major McKinsey study on AI. And it’s not just factory workers and truck drivers who have to worry. “For a set of tasks, which are about a third of the activities that we do in the economy now—which are collecting data and analyzing data—we are paying high-wage, high-skilled people to do this,” Chui told the audience at the AI World conference in San Francisco earlier this month. This type of work is ripe for AI to transform: Data collecting jobs can be automated 64% and data processing jobs 69%, according to McKinsey.

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