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From skill upgrading to skill re-innovation, from colleagues to collaborative robots, from simple performance management to transformative talent management, the future talent development technology is not only reflected in the work process, but also gradually related to the way work is done.

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According to the recent Gartner Leadership survey, CEOs defined when the digital transformation has accelerated technological innovation; acquiring suitable talents is the primary internal constraint to business growth. Meanwhile, at least a quarter of workers in OECD countries report that their current jobs do not match their skills needs.

To keep up with the accelerating pace, organizations must provide personalized education for sustainable development through onboard training and on-the-job training programs to help employees develop critical skills. At the same time, managers need to support employees by developing their new skills and achieving goals to remain competitive in an era of digital transformation, contributing to positive business results. In short, learning should be personalized and relevant.

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Many companies have encountered many difficulties when implementing their existing learning solutions in China, such as slow speeds, difficult connections, lack of content, and untimely technical support responses.

aTalent LXP solution can implement localized implementation plans based on global cloud learning content and functions, bringing a brand new learning experience to Chinese and Asian companies. Multi-system integration, simple UX, UI, one-click synchronization WeChat and other functions help employees to quickly browse and start learning from the social channels you use most.

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aTalent learning experience solution is the first LXP solution that seamlessly integrates with global LMS and is based on the WeChat platform. It supports employees to log in through WeChat with one click and enjoy the world-class top learning experience directly through WeChat.

Direct integration with WeChat API allows employees to easily share the latest achievements with one click; learning notifications, reminders, and company entry tips and announcements can be set and automatically pushed through the platform.

The personal profile can be automatically synchronized with WeChat, and the social environment can effectively enhance the friendly competition and interaction between friends and colleagues (of course you can also choose to hide it).

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