Candidate and employee privacy information practices

  We value candidates' experience on the product(s) we provide and manage personal data of them with high priority. Along with candidate’s interaction, we will be collecting information including and not limited to candidate’s: Name; Contact information (phone number and email address); Education; Work experience and position title; Department; Work location; Basic information, such as location, nickname, language, profile photo. The candidates on our product(s) are actual users of WeChat, Tencent. The candidates, along with their private information, will be automatically unsubscribed from the product once they unfollow the WeChat account that associated with the product; The product requests acknowledgment and consent from users on ''privacy information and data collection'' to proceed to further product services; Candidates can modify their personal basic information collected by our product, regardless of the number of times they have updated; Candidates can withdrawal consent offered anytime they would like to

Product security practices

  New features, functionality and design changes go through a security review process facilitated by the security team. In addition, our code is audited with automated static analysis software, tested and manually peer-reviewed prior to being deployed to production. The security team works closely with the development teams to resolve any additional security concerns that may arise during development.

Network protection

  In addition to sophisticated system monitoring and logging, we have implemented profound authentication methodology for all server access across our production environment. Firewalls are configured according to industry best practices and unnecessary ports are blocked by configuration with AWS various security groups.