Shanghai, Changsha – January 25, 2024 / Company A has established a long-term partnership with aTalent for the External Distributor Training System Project. The joint initiative was marked by an online project launch ceremony held recently in Shanghai and Changsha.

In the context of the globalized trade model of Chinese goods, overseas procurement, and local retail, the precise management of cross-functional, geographical, and role-based aspects of overseas partners and distributors is becoming a key focus for an increasing number of Chinese enterprises.

About the Customer:

Amidst the thriving wave of China’s cross-border e-commerce, Company A has emerged against the tide, becoming one of the leading consumer electronics brand enterprises domestically. According to relevant data, Company A’s global user base has surpassed 80 million, with over 90% of revenue coming from overseas markets, primarily concentrated in mature and more affluent regions such as North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Company A, adopting a model of “independent research and development” combined with “outsourced production,” focuses more on research, development, and design. Through continuous innovation, it has brought technologically captivating “Made in China” products to global consumers.

The New System, Significant Differences:

aTalent’s extended enterprise learning platform, with its advantages of “convenience, high integration, and low learning costs,” perfectly aligns with Company A’s diverse external training management needs in the global business landscape.

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In addition to basic product offerings, under the talent strategy framework in Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, aTalent has formed an international China team proficient in both Chinese and English. This team is dedicated to providing comprehensive assistance at the multinational communication level for outbound enterprises (C2G) and foreign enterprises entering China (G2C).

Driven by category innovation and channel deepening, Company A will comprehensively enhance the management and training of global external partners and distributors through its new digital extended enterprise training platform. With the introduction of aTalent, Company A will be better positioned to utilize digital management tools, adapting flexibly to the ever-changing trends in overseas business.

Supported by a digital extended enterprise learning platform, Company A will cleverly combine its own brand with advanced technology to emerge victoriously in the gradually rising new energy market, securing a smart future.

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