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On March 19, Shenzhen, HRTechChina grandly announced the 2020 China Human Resources Technology Awards at the “Inspire2021-China Human Resources Technology Development Trend Summit”. In the 2020 annual award, from the public solicitation, screening, professional review meeting and other links, 65 institutions and individuals are recommended from 278 applicants nominated to participate in this year’s China Human Resources Science and Technology Awards list, and the winners of the extraordinary 2020 experience We have the courage to innovate, dare to explore, and work hard, and we deserve it! More than 800 HR managers from various enterprises witnessed this moment together!

In the fierce competition, aTalent stood out from many competitors in the same industry and won the 2020 “Annual Human Resources Best Service Organization” award!

aTalent is committed to the development and implementation of industry-leading integrated talent management solutions, as well as related WeChat/mobile/artificial intelligence/integrated integrated solutions products, and puts the enhancement of user experience at the center of the solution, emphasizing internationalization and localization Fusion.

As a leading talent management solution provider in Asia, aTalent has helped many companies successfully complete the digital transformation of human resources with integrated talent management solutions, putting talent experience at the center of the solution. By providing comprehensive talent management technology, we help leading companies with a global mindset attract, develop and upgrade talents in China and the Asia-Pacific region.

2020 is a very special year. It is a huge test and challenge for any organization and individual. China’s human resources technology industry adjusts quickly and responds quickly to help organizations deal with uncertainties professionally and efficiently. 2020 has changed the world, greatly affected the human resource technology landscape, and changed the way we work and the management of the company’s organization. In the process of change in this era, our Chinese human resource technology has been deeply involved in it, and our extensive application practices have greatly changed the company and the workers with our human resource technology products.

Complete list of winners:

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