External training
Unleash Your Career Superpowers: The Epic Quest of External Training

In today’s rapidly evolving world, training has become more crucial than ever before. With technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs occurring at a rapid pace, it is essential for individuals to continuously acquire new skills and knowledge. One notable example of this rapid development is in the field of computers. The ever-changing landscape of technology necessitates […]

aTalent x Cornerstone
Event Recap | Cornerstone OnDemand x aTalent collaborated to Participate in HREC Learning and Development Summit 

Hosted by HREC, Boost 2023 – China Learning and Development Summit – Shanghai has came to a successful conclusion on April 11th, 2023! Cornerstone OnDemand x aTalent joined the event along with 500+ industry elites and 40+ corporate speakers, bringing the cutting-edge trends and their valuable corporate experiences!  As a global leading talent development content […]

Understand LMS, LXP and Talent Marketplace in 1 article

For plenty of years, Learning Management Platform (LMS) has been the foundation of the  learning and development (L&D) management. Many executives and HRs constantly trying to better optimize the learning experience and better empower business development through various technologies in the learning and development management.  Learning Management System (LMS)  The LMS (Learning Management Platform) effectively connects […]

NEWS | Jabil

Industry: Electronics manufacturing service providerUsers: 110,000+Region: Phase I Mainland China and Taiwan, Phase II Malaysia, VietnamProject Time: 2022.03 – PresentKeywords: large enterprises, 10W+ users with high concurrency, global collaboration, Southeast Asia market About Jabil Jabil is an electronics company headquartered in Florida, USA. It is currently the third largest electronics professional manufacturing services company in […]

Performance Management: How to Become Your Best-Self?

* BY JOSHBERSIN · PUBLISHED SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 · UPDATED SEPTEMBER 10, 2020 We’re in a tumultuous business cycle and everyone is concerned about performance: the performance of our company, our teams, and ourselves.  And in the midst of this pandemic, we are ever more concerned with wellbeing, resilience, and growth. How can we best stay productive at home (or […]

How are Chinese companies going global?Here are 4 important findings    缩略图
How are Chinese companies going global?Here are 4 important findings    

*This article is from CEIBS.com By Zhu Tian, Zhang Hua, Li Mingjun and Cynthia Pi The world is currently undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. The global pandemic and complex economic situation, as well as rising unilateralism and protectionism has brought unprecedented challenges to the stability of global industries and supply chains. China has […]

Learning and Development Is Key to Employee Experience in Remote Work

The last year changed the business landscape on almost every front. Health and safety necessities shifted many professionals into remote work and entire industries had to pivot just to stay in business. Others found ways to build business in times of change. In response, the role of technology immediately catapulted in importance, said Ayman Sayed, […]

Event Recap | aTalent’s 2022 Go Global缩略图
Event Recap | aTalent’s 2022 Go Global

Boosted by the new wave of “One Belt, One Road”, both state-owned and private enterprises have a stronger desire to see the world. On March 4, 2022, aTalent, together with Oracle and ADP, co-organized the “Hope for the East, Look at the World”-Human Resource Management Forum for Overseas Enterprises in Shanghai. The forum focused on […]

8 Steps to Building a Successful Talent Management Strategy

* Original article is from Mara M, HR Consultant / Certified Leadership Trainer & Coach Training Solutions Architect / Accredited Culture Practitioner. Human resources professionals play a major role in bringing the talent and business strategies together. It’s never been more important to make sure the resources spent on sourcing, engaging, and keeping talent are […]

Digital Transformation #1 – Put Talent  First缩略图
Digital Transformation #1 – Put Talent First

The innovative technology development has rapidly changed the way enterprises expand their business, which has affected all aspects such as customers, sales products, methodology, and procedures, as well as employees and working environment.   According to a study conducted by Constellation Research in 2014, the ability of industry leaders to adapt to digital transformation is […]