Shanghai, Singapore, January 11, 2024 – Pan Pacific Hotels Group, a leading luxury hotel group in Asia, recently held online project launch ceremonies in Shanghai and Singapore. This comes after the successful establishment of a long-term partnership with aTalent, following the rejuvenation of their modernized learning management platform. 

The guests attending the meeting include Mr. Ang Woon Jiun, Head of Learning and Organizational Development at Pan Pacific Hotels Group, Ms. Lowell Wang, Manager of Learning and Organizational Development, as well as Mr. Wengang He, Vice President of Customer Success at aTalent, and Ms. Summer Xia, the Project Manager. 

About Pan Pacific Hotels Group 

Pan Pacific Hotels Group (hereinafter referred to as “Pan Pacific”) is the listed hotel subsidiary of UOL Group, a publicly traded company in Singapore. It is the largest hotel and property company in Asia, with diverse investments and property development directions. 

Pan Pacific owns and/or manages over 50 hotels, resorts, and serviced apartments under three brand names: “Pan Pacific,” “PARKROYAL COLLECTION,” and “PARKROYAL.” These establishments are situated in more than 30 cities across the Asia-Pacific region, North America, and Europe, comprising over 10,000 rooms. The group provides users with luxurious accommodation environments and top-notch service experiences in major cities worldwide. 

In recent years, Pan Pacific has been honored with prestigious awards from renowned travel experts such as Forbes Travel Guide, Travel + Leisure, and Business Traveller Asia-Pacific. These accolades include national, regional, and global recognition for excellence. Additionally, Pan Pacific takes pride in being acknowledged by Condé Nast Traveler for its commitment to social responsibility. 

“The learning and development management platform and tools provided by aTalent not only meet Pan Pacific’s comprehensive learning needs for employees across different functions and levels but also swiftly assist senior management in autonomously creating proprietary courses. This empowers the sustainable development of high-end hotel management talents, forming a unique Pan Pacific learning community – exactly what we need.” 
—— Head of Learning and Development at Pan Pacific Hotels Group 

As one of the representatives of “property-linked hotels,” Pan Pacific, headquartered in Singapore, has been deeply rooted in the Asia-Pacific, North American, and European regions. To ensure sustained competitiveness in the global luxury hotel industry, Pan Pacific has actively undertaken talent management initiatives in recent years. By adopting progressive learning content and modern management tools, the organization efficiently enhances the professional capabilities of its internal staff. This effort aims to provide top-notch service and a luxurious stay experience for every customer, contributing to a global reputation of excellence. 

The new system marks a significant departure

As an award-winning HR SaaS provider in the field of corporate learning and development, aTalent actively drives digital transformation and innovation in enterprise learning. Through a user-friendly interface, intuitive learning paths, and robust data analytics capabilities, aTalent creates a globally accessible and outstanding learning experience for corporate employees, clients, and external partners. 

Through the new learning and development management platform provided by aTalent, Pan Pacific aims to cultivate a learning culture and environment that is positive, respectful, and encourages employees to explore independently. The goal is to infuse learning with innovative and supportive qualities, permeating every corner of the Pan Pacific Group globally. With a centralized learning management platform, aTalent efficiently assists Pan Pacific in managing and tracking diverse operations across time zones and departments, empowering talent management and development in the high-end hotel industry. 

The transformation brought about by the project is expected to commence from the management at the headquarters in Singapore, gradually extending to all staff, and is anticipated to expand in the future to include Pan Pacific locations in Australia, such as Sydney and Melbourne, as well as the Southeast Asian region, covering countries like Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam. 

With the help of convenient and efficient learning management tools, the senior management at Pan Pacific headquarters can leverage their years of management experience to swiftly create courses that better align with the group’s business needs. These interactive courses contribute to fostering an open, proactive learning atmosphere throughout the organization, from top to bottom. 

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