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Everyone is vying for the best and brightest candidates in today’s labor market. With 7.1 million job openings in August compared to 6.2 million unemployed people in the same month, HR professionals must be on their game to build an outstanding candidate experience that attracts top talent.

HR teams must develop a plan to represent their business in the best light possible, streamline the application process, and continue to refine recruiting strategies in this candidate’s market. Here are three ways to minimize pressure points in the recruitment process so that recruiters, applicants, candidates, and hiring managers have a positive experience.

1. Show your company’s culture

Are candidates greeted with an informative center of knowledge or a confounding network of mixed messages when they arrive on your job site? A personalized career platform is a perfect way to enhance the candidate experience by educating job seekers about your company’s unique culture and brand.

According to study, two of the most relevant forms of marketing material for candidates are business principles and employee testimonials. Using a personalized job site with a vision and mission statement or video testimonials from current employees to showcase company culture will help you attract the candidates you want. Consider what makes your brand unique and distinguishes it from competitors in your field. Highlight features that are unique to your company and the particular positions you’re looking to fill.

2. Create a simplified application process

More people are searching for work on their phones than ever before. Since nine out of ten job seekers use a mobile device in their job quest, making it possible for candidates to search for and apply for jobs on any device is now critical to delivering a positive applicant experience. Ensure that the application process is transparent and straightforward—If at all possible, skip the cover letter, keep job descriptions brief and to-the-point, and make sure your career site is mobile-friendly.

Companies can find it difficult to remain competitive in attracting top talent without a streamlined application process. Candidates should be able to apply for jobs directly from a careers page without leaving the browser or logging into a separate framework. On a similar note, aTalent Talent Acquisition can help to create a more user-friendly hiring experience for HR by allowing managers to coordinate recruiting activities such as screening applicants, scheduling interviews or tracking application status, all in one place.

The more straightforward it is for applicants to apply for a position, the more likely it is that top talent would do so.

3. Don’t reduce hiring data

Using data in the selection process is the final step in ensuring a positive candidate experience. aTalent Talent Acquisition can help HR professionals monitor important metrics like time to fill, cost per hire, offer acceptance rate, and quality of hire so they can identify areas for improvement and change the recruitment process accordingly.

This ATS data can also show patterns on where the best candidates come from, enabling recruiters to concentrate their attention on the platforms that bring in the most eligible candidates. Another useful benefit of these systems is the ability to monitor multiple points in the recruitment funnel and use analytics to detect and remove bottlenecks, decreasing the risk of valuable candidates dropping out.

Companies must concentrate on delivering an excellent recruiting experience for job applicants from start to finish in order to attract top candidates. Elevate your exclusive employer brand, make it easier for candidates to apply for jobs, and use data to develop the candidate experience over time. You will create a more engaging candidate experience by making the recruitment process as quick, insightful, and intuitive as possible.

Will having the ability to position, evaluate, and manage work requisitions and applicant details all in one place help your HR team? Hire the right talent, faster with aTalent Talent Acquisition software.

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