Singapore, Shanghai – January 18, 2024 | TransitLink, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore, has embarked on a journey of enterprise intelligent learning development in collaboration with aTalent. The online project kickoff meeting took place on January 5, 2024, in both Singapore and Shanghai.

Participants in the project kickoff meeting included Ms. Teo Chai Ling, HRBP-Learning & Development at TransitLink, Ms. Juliana Chan, HR Development Executive, Ms. Cindy Poh, HR Development Executive, Ms. Melissa Leow, HR Executive, Mr. Wengang He, Vice President of Customer Success at aTalent, and Ms. Queena Liu, Solution Consultant, SEA, among others.

About TransitLink Singapore:

Established in 1987, TransitLink, as a contactless electronic fare collection agency under the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in Singapore, is primarily responsible for handling fare transactions and providing ticketing services for public transportation in Singapore.

With the launch of the TransitLink SimplyGo application in 2019, there has been a significant transformation in Singapore’s public transportation ticketing landscape. Today, approximately half of Singaporean adults use TransitLink SimplyGo for public transportation, and with the upgrading of more categories of discount cards to support this functionality, TransitLink’s market adoption is expected to further grow, comprehensively addressing various aspects of daily commuting for Singapore residents.

“aTalent, with its localized service capabilities in Singapore and a user-friendly learning management platform, will empower TransitLink’s future talent development more effectively.”

The New Collaboration, Signifying Differences:

Singapore, renowned as the “Garden City,” provides its citizens with convenient electronic public transportation services through a well-developed transportation network and forward-looking urban planning.

With a forward-looking approach to the learning management system, TransitLink provides its internal staff with a user-friendly learning and development management platform, responding more agilely to the flexible business development needs of TransitLink.

The transportation and logistics industry is a fundamental sector of the national economy. Before introducing aTalent, dealing with the dynamic market demands and complex business logic within various departments, and obtaining timely localized system support in response to these needs, has consistently been a challenge for TransitLink’s management. Through aTalent’s Singapore office, TransitLink’s management will bid farewell to high-cost cross-border communication in system implementation and updates, obtaining Singapore-specific support in a more real-time, accurate, and efficient manner.

By leveraging an enterprise learning management system with social attributes as a platform, TransitLink will continue to inspire the learning enthusiasm of its internal staff, fostering a vibrant corporate learning community.

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