Digital Transformation #2 -the Digital Era缩略图
Digital Transformation #2 -the Digital Era

The rise of digitization is changing business needs and talent management dramatically. The World Economic Forum found that “Enterprises in all industries are devoting to building up talent skill sets and improving talent management as their priority to adapt to the fast-paced digital revolution. Click above to learn about Five steps of Talent Development Strategy […]

Digital Transformation #1 – Put Talent  First缩略图
Digital Transformation #1 – Put Talent First

The innovative technology development has rapidly changed the way enterprises expand their business, which has affected all aspects such as customers, sales products, methodology, and procedures, as well as employees and working environment.   According to a study conducted by Constellation Research in 2014, the ability of industry leaders to adapt to digital transformation is […]

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HRTech Innovation – aTalent wins another award

On August 14th, HRTechChina (HRTech), a leading human resource management technology in China, announced the winners of the “China HR Technology Innovation Award.” The good news is, aTalent was (again) awarded as the “Top 30 China HR Technology Innovation.”  Under the pandemic, the process of digital transformation for enterprises has accelerated rapidly. For human resource technology companies, this is not only the biggest opportunity but also the challenge, including how to quickly adapt to changes in customer needs and shape the brand image of future […]