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Measuring learning allows organizations to see how well their learning is effectively changing behaviors, and whether it is having a positive impact on the business.

Brandon Hall Group & Saba jointly launched a detailed report to help you understand the current status of the impact of learning on performance.

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Through this report you will get to know:

1. Put Learning into Practice

Are your people putting their learning into practice? And, is it positively impacting their role and the wider organization? Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model can help you to answer questions like these. 

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2. Impact and Success of Learning Management

When looking at the impact & success of learning, we decided to compare the metrics currently used by organizations to the one that should actually be used. It brings us back to Vanity Metrics vs OKRs and Smart Goals.

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3. Formal vs Informal Learning

More than half of organizations say they measure formal learning effectively,  but the success rate bottoms out for informal and experiential learning methods.

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