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Lumesse, a global technology innovator with more than 20 years of experience in SaaS Talent Management in more than 70 countries, announced an exclusive partnership agreement with aTalent today, an Asia-based enterprise HR technology company dedicated to bringing talents and brands together using cutting-edge Cloud technology. This partnership appoints aTalent to market, distribute, promote, sell, implement and support Lumesse Talent Management software solutions exclusively in China.

As a global leader in the HCM SaaS industry, Lumesse has provided Talent Management solutions to more than 1,500 enterprises across the globe. Each year, Lumesse offers more than 4.3 million performance plans, processes over 51 million job applications and has delivered over 100 million learning courses. As a Talent Management SaaS leader in the Chinese & Asian markets, aTalent has rapidly increased market shares while keeping customer satisfaction among the highest in the industry. Furthermore, aTalent has been working with prestigious multinational and local enterprises including BMW, MetLife, InterContinental Hotels Group, etc.

When asked why aTalent was the optimal partner, Carsten Bush, Lumesse Talent Management Business Unit CEO, responded:

“China is a fast-growing, promising yet challenging market for many global HCM SaaS players. I am glad to see that Lumesse and aTalent have adopted a common and smart approach that combines the best of its global leverage with China-specific strategies.” Kevin Xia, Vice President of aTalent, added, “I am confident that this partnership will deliver significant values to Chinese customers, with a data center located in China, market-driven innovation, locally hired best talents and a locally established development & support center.” Lumesse Talent Management Business Unit APAC Head, Armin Sommerhuber also commented: “Identifying and retaining talents as well as employee engagement is gaining more and more importance. Many enterprises in China are recognizing this need for strategic Talent Management solutions. With the aim of improving our effectiveness in this fast growing market and further strengthening our focus on customers’ satisfaction, we are pleased to have aTalent as our Talent Management Business Unit’s strategic and exclusive partner in China.”

With this partnership, Lumesse and aTalent are bringing together Lumesse’s best of breed global Talent Management solution along with aTalent’s strongly established local delivery, support, development & customer success capability. They are a perfect combination to serve the fast growing China market. This partnership will also provide enterprises in China with opportunities to take advantage of aTalent’s latest innovations such as WeChat-based Talent Management solutions, AI & Blockchain HR solutions fully integrating with Lumesse’s Talent Management Suite to better recruit, engage, develop and retain talents.

Data from Xinhuanet showed that the Chinese human resources market has kept an over 20% year-on-year increase in recent years. According to an action plan released by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in 2017, China expects human resources market revenue to reach 300 billion U.S. dollars by the end of 2020. The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) emphasized the mission to transform China from a populous country to a powerful human resources country. China’s One Belt and One Road Initiative (OBOR) also highlighted deepening cooperation in human resources between Eurasian countries.

Lumesse and aTalent are confident in the China HCM Software market success and are ready to work closely together to redefine and disrupt the human resources industry by continuous innovation in Asia and beyond.

Press contacts:

aTalent: Nina Yuan,, +86 21 8039 9259 ext. 821

Lumesse: Luam Tesfai., +49 173 8921 351