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In the rapidly changing post-pandemic era, the global human resources industry is undergoing a disruptive transformation. The traditional talent management model can no longer meet the developmental needs of enterprises and individuals. Under the aggressive development of technology, the transformation of talent management is inevitable. HR experts now need to consider: How should enterprises effectively deploy human resources strategies and how should HR managers improve their talent experience?

On July 23rd, aTalent and Cornerstone OnDemand will join together with HRtech China on the 2020 Digital Intelligence HR Virtual Summit, to answer how to redefine talent experience in the world of VUCA.

Topic: How to Redefine Talent Experience in a VUCA World

Time: July 23rd 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM

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  • “Global” vs  “Local” in talent management
  • Managing performance in a high growth market
  • How to adopt the best performance management practice in an employee experience era?
  • Online Learning Strategies
  • How to breakthrough the traditional talent review?
  • Effective Strategies for Learning with Purpose
  • Talent Management in the New Skills Economy 
  • Smart recruitment starts with social recruitment
  • Use design thinking to construct leadership development programs

p.s: the summit will be in both Chinese and English.

Summit Highlights:
  • 10+ HR experts from aTalent, Cornerstone OnDemand, HRTech, and worldwide HRDs
  • 2.5 Hours, 12 Topics 10 min per Topic
  • Gain practical tips on transforming talent experience and revamping HR strategies 
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