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Boosted by the new wave of “One Belt, One Road”, both state-owned and private enterprises have a stronger desire to see the world. On March 4, 2022, aTalent, together with Oracle and ADP, co-organized the “Hope for the East, Look at the World”-Human Resource Management Forum for Overseas Enterprises in Shanghai. The forum focused on personal information security and compliance, digital platform, talent positioning and management, organizational influence, compensation and other aspects to empower Chinese enterprises to go abroad. We will ride the wave and build a new way to go abroad together.

In the face of potential domestic growth bottlenecks and the vast overseas market, it is difficult for Chinese companies to quickly grasp the overall situation, despite the increasingly attractive scenery outside, and the situation of “unconventional” is common. The limited channels lead to the inequality of information at home and abroad, which brings great obstacles to the actual management of enterprises. In the process of globalization, Chinese companies are standing at a critical crossroads, pacing forward.

At the beginning of the event, Rebecca Hu, Vice President – Head of Application Software and SAAS China at Oracle, Brian Chan, Vice President of Sales for North Asia at ADP, and Wengang He, Vice President – General Manager of Customer Success at aTalent, delivered speeches.

But before “going abroad”, enterprises should make a clear strategy for going abroad, establish a team with in-depth understanding of overseas markets, and design cross-cultural organizational management mechanisms, so as to achieve the goal of riding the waves and sailing away.

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Based on years of experience, Peter Zhao, Director of Talent and Organization Consulting of PwC Management Consulting, said that at present, Chinese enterprises generally have four problems on the way of “going abroad”, such as viewpoint, system, mechanism and talent. In the future, how to strengthen the control ability of overseas assets and how to improve the talent management level will be the key to support the implementation of the internationalization strategy and build an excellent multinational benchmark enterprise. At the same time, Peter Zhao brought further explanation on GDPR and personal information security, which are key considerations for enterprises going abroad.

“In today’s environment, staying the same is not stopping, it’s going backwards”, said Ann Luo, Director of Human Capital Management Solutions at Oracle China, who used technology to help Chinese companies build a global workforce strategy platform through specific outbound customer cases. With world-class security compliance standards, we build a quality compliance system that is universally applicable worldwide.

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“It is easy to go out, but difficult to go in. Charlie Liu, Global Partner of Heidrick & Struggles, gave a speech on the challenges and opportunities faced by Chinese companies in developing talent overseas. The presentation focused on the types of overseas talents needed by Chinese companies, the channels for Chinese companies to build their employer brand, the difficulties of recruiting overseas talents, and the difficulties of managing overseas talents for Chinese companies. Through a lot of professional data analysis, we will explain the challenges and opportunities of talent strategy for Chinese companies to expand overseas market.

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Kevin Xia, Vice President of Sales of aTalent, will explain the issues and challenges of performance and talent management for companies going abroad, based on the local context and with a global perspective, using a platform to accelerate the glocal path of Chinese companies going abroad.

Brian Zhang, Vice President of Marketing, Greater China, The Economist, through the analysis of four major trends of global leading companies’ employer brands after the epidemic, said that strong employer branding in the post-epidemic era will make the direction of Chinese companies’ overseas management clearer.

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Bryant Wang, Director of Key Account Sales at ADP, noted that the epidemic has accelerated the transformation of employers to automate and digitize their operations. The globalization of companies must be “stable”, and the “stability” must take into account all aspects of employee reskilling, diversity and inclusion, and employee experience. His presentation will provide further insights on how to effectively and quickly respond to the globalization of HR and compensation management for Chinese companies going abroad in the post-epidemic era.

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In the reconstruction and adjustment of globalization, Chinese companies achieve self-breakthrough and improvement through global vision and digital platform, adhere to the direction of global development, shape a more solid global industrial chain, strengthen talent management and assessment, and build a unique Chinese employer brand. Hope for the East, look out to the world.

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