Candidate Relationship Management

Increase candidate engagement and conversions with the power of A.I. and automation.

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Powered by Automation, A.I. & Predictive Analytics

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Increase Candidate Engagement, Conversion & Retention rates

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While simplifying your work, and improving your productivity & R.O.I.

Talent Sourcing

All your current and new WeChat followers are automatically transferred to your CRM talent pool.

Add additional leads by linking up your email services, EDM campaigns and providers to the CRM.

Import leads, job boards’ and existing candidate pools by using our One-Click import feature (excel, csv, mailist, etc.).

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Recruitment Marketing Features

Our CRM comes with email marketing features, allowing you to outreach to selected targets with an invitation, welcome message, warm note, tailored jobs, application status, etc.

Outreach to your audience with measurable WeChat newsletters, focusing on engagement and conversions. Create, contribute, and share your design with your teams in one click. The feature also works with Xiumi and similar third-party content creator..

Take the Omnichannel technology to your offline events, fairs, by generating auto-tagged call-to-action QR Codes that track behaviours and locations.

Fully-Automated Segmentation

Your candidates get automatically tagged and segmented into sub-pools based on a range of 250+ identifiers and behaviours.
The CRM will rank your audience by engagement, availability, score and other key differentiators, allowing you to save precious time finding the best talents.
Continuously, the CRM will organise your data and provide you with real-time metrics and updates. Reports can be directly sent to your mobile or mailbox.
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Automated Matching

Access to a dashboard dynamically updated – showing key activity, engagement and conversion metrics.

Use the Elastic Search technology to filter, select, and engage with candidates.

Our CRM automatically identify behaviour and use the A.I. technology to calibrate the segmentation, targeting and job recommendation.

Engage will then match the best candidates to the accurate job and – if enable – will push the perfect jobs to the perfect candidates, maximising engagement and conversions.

Automated Engagement & Re-Engagement

Engage comes wi th advanced automated functionalities. In one-click, you can ensure candidates are regularly engaged with the latest branded content, jobs, application statuses and referral opportunities.
A candidate did not complete an application? No worries, Engage takes care of this by automatically identifying and re-engaging the user. The who, where and why (e.g. post application surveys) are part of the on-going optimisation of the experience.
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Content & Competition Analysis

That way, the automation features take care of the heavy load, and will allow you to focus on creating the best content while optimising the user journey.

By centralising your talent engagement into one platform, Engage will track your engagement and conversion rate per channel helping you to measure ROI.

We partner up with the award-winning & A.I. powered Social Recruitment Monitor, an AI & Predictive Analytics technology that gathers and analyses massive pools of data at scale. The SRM technology gives an exclusive access to the industry best practices and an eye on what your competition is doing, such as their number of  followers, activity and engagement rates. The key to outscore the fiercest employers.


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